2016 Trends in Social Media

Dave Serino, TwoSix Digital’s Founder and Strategist, recently shared the following trends in social media in a recent CenStates Travel and Tourism Research Association newsletter.  He will be presenting a session on using analytics to drive successful advertising campaigns at the organization’s annual conference in Rapid City, South Dakota on September 23rd.

A few of today’s trends in social media landscape we’re seeing:

The Battle for Ephemeral Visual Media Continues…..

SnapchatSnapchat – a great example of ephemeral media, which are short-form video & images that makes a claim for our attention in the age of contemporary screen culture – is being seriously challenged by Instagram, a Facebook owned property.

The challenge comes in the form of Instagram “Stories” – a series of images and videos that will disappear in 24 hrs.  The reason it could be so devastating to Snapchat? Instagram has a simple user interface and a larger network of users  – 300 million compared to Snapchat’s 150 million.  

And, another advantage to Instagram – an ad network supported by Facebook that includes multiple levels of targeting based on known interests and geo settings.

If You are Social, You Must Be Mobile…….

social-media-trends-1000-1000x576In today’s social environment, we have seen organic reach decline at a rapid pace on the most popular network, Facebook. To be effective in Facebook and other social media marketing applications, a paid advertising strategy must be added to the process.

We’re firm believers that targeting and segmentation are the first steps to advertising campaign success, but the biggest factor is having a mobile ready website. More than 80% of the responses to Facebook Ads that TwoSix Digital has managed in last two years have come from mobile devices.  

If you’re doing any paid promotions on Facebook, think mobile first and be sure to have a responsive website ready to handle your consumer inquires.

Pinterest Points Upward with New Advertising Options

With more than 100 million users and more than an 85% female share on a visual network– it only makes sense to consider developing a community in this application to promotion travel & tourism.Pinterest Ads

The network is consistently a highly engaged referring site on tourism industry analytic reports and its visuals are regularly indexed in Google image search. All positive indicators for usage.

In an effort to move beyond static images, they have introduced video advertising into the mix and most recently, several new ad targeting options to help you reach the proper pinners. First, advertisers can purchase video ads that are natively hosted on Pinterest and start with a tease and then can be watched in full. The video ads also come with six related customizable pins. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, they recently made a new targeting option available to serve up ads to people who have engaged with specific brands on the network. They have also allowed ads to be retargeted to consumers who have visited your website and then move back into Pinterest through a website pixel.

The leaves marketers with more highly targeted advertising options and additional opportunities to reach women travel planners via visual content.