What Is White Space and Why Should You Use It?

Facebook Messenger Games and Tips for 2017 Planning

3163237-facebook-messenger-instant-games2A belly full of Thanksgiving turkey is a sure sign the new year is on its way. With 2017 just around the corner, how are you evaluating your competitors and effectiveness on social media? Don’t spend all of your time on the new gaming feature in Facebook Messenger, and check out these interesting tips to make 2017 your most successful year.

Hootsuite recently shared an article on how to conduct a competitive analysis on social media. They offer a few key tactics you can easily employ:

  • Start by Google searching keywords your brand or destinations hopes to lead, and see who makes it to the top of the search (i.e. “Small town Midwest destinations”, or “Best state to visit in the winter”, etc.) .
  • Once you find your competitors, find out what channels they occupy, how often they post, how fast their audience is growing, and where they rank with engagement.
  • Conduct a simple SWOT analysis, and use the information to inspire your strategy, not duplicate.

There are several tools listed throughout the blog to make this an even easier process, so be sure to read it before your holiday break. While you are pondering on your competitors, check out these tips from Social Media Today on 6 Tactics to Instantly Boost Social Media Reach For Your Brand or Business. Hint: The first one is video.

Last but certainly not least, have you tried the Instant Games on Messenger feature? Facebook makes another bold move to completely take over the internet by adding Pac Man, Words with Friends, and Space Invaders to Messenger.

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2016 Trends in Social Media

Dave Serino, TwoSix Digital’s Founder and Strategist, recently shared the following trends in social media in a recent CenStates Travel and Tourism Research Association newsletter.  He will be presenting a session on using analytics to drive successful advertising campaigns at the organization’s annual conference in Rapid City, South Dakota on September 23rd.

A few of today’s trends in social media landscape we’re seeing:

The Battle for Ephemeral Visual Media Continues…..

SnapchatSnapchat – a great example of ephemeral media, which are short-form video & images that makes a claim for our attention in the age of contemporary screen culture – is being seriously challenged by Instagram, a Facebook owned property.

The challenge comes in the form of Instagram “Stories” – a series of images and videos that will disappear in 24 hrs.  The reason it could be so devastating to Snapchat? Instagram has a simple user interface and a larger network of users  – 300 million compared to Snapchat’s 150 million.  

And, another advantage to Instagram – an ad network supported by Facebook that includes multiple levels of targeting based on known interests and geo settings. Read more