How to Find Great User-Generated Content

(And what to do when you find it!)
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User-Generated Content (UGC) is a huge part of tourism marketing. People are constantly posting images during their travels, which provides great opportunities for DMOs to repost this content on their own channels to promote and inspire tourism. In this blog, you’ll learn the best ways to find great UGC on Instagram and what to do when you find it. 

Tagged Images

Some users make it super simple by tagging you in their photos, so the first place to start is looking at the images you’re tagged in! Navigate to the “tagged photos” portion in your Instagram profile to see what you’ve been tagged in. A best practice is to check-in on this a few times a week (at least) to make sure that you’re not missing out on any impressive content.

How to See What Images You're Tagged in On Instagram User-Generated Content UGC

Check Your Hashtag For User-Generated Content

Did you know that you can search your hashtag on Instagram to see all of the posts that have used it? You can do this by either navigating to the search bar and typing it in or by clicking your hashtag that’s in your bio. This will take you to a screen displaying both popular and recent posts using your hashtag!


Location Tags

Using a location tag is a method for users to post about the places they visit during their trip and a great way to know for certain that an image was taken at a specific destination. To find a specific location tag, simply navigate to the search bar and start typing in the location. You should see the location pop up in the search results. If you see a location tagged that you want to look at in your feed, you can also click on the tag above the image and it will navigate you to a page displaying both popular and recent posts at that location. Remember, don’t just check city tags, but also local attractions, restaurants, and more! 

What to Do When You Find User-Generated Content

Now that you’ve found the perfect image for your feed, it’s time to save the user-generated content to your collection and get approval from the user to actually use the photo in your feed. Follow these steps to make sure that you’re asking for permission in the right way:

  1. Save the image to your collection so you can easily refer back to it when necessary. See below how to add it to your collection:
Save User-Generated Content to Your Collection on Instagram

2. Like the Image!

3. Comment on the image using verbiage something like this:

“Great photo! With your permission, we’d love to use this in our blog. Let us know if you have any concerns.”

How to Ask for Permission for User-Generated Content UGC Tourism

4. Once you receive a response, you can reply and thank them for giving you permission!

Posting the User-Generated Content with Credit

Finally, make sure that when you post the image on your own social feeds, you tag the user in the image, or give them photo credit in the comments. If you’re putting it in your blog, be sure to give them image credit. If you are embedding the photo directly to your website, it’ll automatically give credit where credit is due.

Following this quick approach is an integral step in giving your brand a voice. You also show your visitors appreciation for posting their images of your location. Integrating user-generated content in your blogs and social media feeds will allow future visitors to see others experiencing your destination and can inspire them to do so as well. For more new and exciting ways to use digital marketing to enhance your destination marketing organization, be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us across social media at the links below.  

10 Essential Components of a Tourism E-Newsletter

Your e-newsletter is a key component of travel planning for new or returning visitors. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, it is important to make sure that you are creating valuable content for your subscribers that they’ll want to open again. Check out these 10 essential components of a tourism e-newsletter to make your next newsletter a must-read!

1. Eye-Catching Subject Line & Preview Text

Subject lines are one of the most important aspects of any e-newsletter delivery. Recent studies conducted at TwoSix Digital have found that most users are motivated to open / not open a tourism e-newsletter based on the subject line. Utilize emojis, powerful words and calls to action to encourage your subscribers to open. Also be sure to include a short line of preview text to give readers a preview of what they can expect in your newsletter.

2. Seasonal Header with Logo

Help convey a sense of place and inspire users to visit throughout the entire year by adding a seasonal header to your newsletter. This will show your users a greater understanding of different activities and events that they can experience. Be sure to also include your logo, brand colors, and hashtag!

3. Social Media Icons (follow & share)

Include opportunities to gain following on your social profiles both at the top and the bottom of your newsletter for full coverage. Your newsletter is prime real estate to gain more following on your accounts. Be sure to also include share tools so users can share the information with their travel buddies!

4. Call to Action Buttons Throughout

Add key opportunities for your destination throughout the newsletter like your visitor’s guide, dining passports and unique offerings as call-to-action buttons. Studies show that hotel and meal deals typically perform well in this area and are great ways to inspire and encourage travel. Get your users to take action!

Check out this blog if you’re having trouble coming up with CTAs:

5. Images

No one wants to read an e-newsletter (especially from a destination) that is all text. Improve the overall appearance and readability of the newsletter by adding seasonal images. To go one step further, even add links to the images to gain more website traffic!

6. Short Pieces of Text

The key to this component is ‘short’ — no one wants to read a huge paragraph, and this gives you a great opportunity to drive traffic to other sources. Keep it short and sweet and get your users to finish reading by going to your blog. Be sure to include necessary links to direct your readers to the right spot to get more information.

7. Blogs & Trip Itineraries

Your newsletter is a key part of the trip planning process, so including blogs, top 10 lists, and trip itineraries as pieces of content is important. Don’t forget to include clickable buttons and / or links back to more trip itineraries so they can continue their trip planning on your website.

Below is a great example of how to add an image and text that accompanies your blog or trip itinerary:

8. Upcoming Events

Especially if you are sending your newsletter on a quarterly basis, it is important to include upcoming major events that could potentially be destination drivers. Include an image of the upcoming event as well as clickable links for them to learn more about the events that your destination has to offer.

9. Social Media Feature

Social media integration is key to your newsletter as it is an easy way to gain awareness of your presence on social media and add another touchpoint with your customers. Include your most-liked photo on Instagram or a great user-generated travel photo and include your hashtag to encourage users to post their photos when they visit.

10. Unsubscribe Options

As much as we don’t want your subscribers to leave you, it is your responsibility to include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your newsletter. Most email marketing platforms automatically include this option for you, but it is always good to make sure.

Including these 10 components in your newsletter will not only inspire your visitors to travel to your destination, but it will also keep visitors, potential visitors, and local customers informed of all of the latest and greatest things happening in your neck of the woods. For more ways to use digital marketing to inspire travel and grow your destination marketing organization, be sure to click below to subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us across social media.

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