Trending at TwoSix: Phones and Food

Phones and food, mobile and munchies, telephones and treats – whatever you want to call them, food searches are happening primarily on mobile devices. Is your dining page mobile friendly?

Fact of the Week: 72% of food and beverage searches now originate on mobile devices.


Think about it. When was the last time you researched your dining options on a desktop? This usually occurs on your phone because you are looking for immediate information. If you want to place a takeout order, it’s easier to pursue your options on your mobile device. Furthermore, travelers are on the go. They are researching this information at the airport, in the back of a cab, or in their hotel. It’s important to make sure you are mobile friendly, so google encourages visitors to check out your dining page!

Tip of the Week: Stop reviewing new landing pages on your desktop computer. View every landing page and blog on mobile FIRST!

The best thing you can do to ensure mobile friendliness, is avoid previewing pages solely on desktop devices. This is easy to do, as you are probably designing these pages on desktop. Remember, we are the marketers, not the consumers. So much of DMO web traffic is coming from mobile. We have to make sure we are ready!

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