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Obviously TwoSix Digital recognizes the power of digital advertising. It’s unlikely that all traditional efforts would (and should) be tossed out the window. However, it’s important to have a healthy balance of traditional and digital marketing. Keep reading to see why we find digital advertising to be a necessity for the travel industry. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Consider exploring digital options within traditional ad buys.

Stakeholders want to know the impact of efforts. Consequently, it becomes difficult to report real results from traditional marketing efforts.

Radio, TV, and print supply estimates of reach, and offer a one-way message. Opposite, true numbers and website clicks result from digital advertising.

Maybe some relationships with traditional media were established many years ago. Ending long-standing contracts with magazines or radio stations may get complicated. Instead, ask magazine and radio sales representatives if they provide digital advertising options. This could include banner ads or e-newsletter ads.

Figure out ways to make the most of your long-standing relationships and marketing dollars in 2018.

Fact of the Week: Travel marketers spent about $6 billion on digital advertising in the U.S. last year.

Digital advertising is a powerful tool for many travel marketers. Hence, the large budgets being spent in the digital world.

We expect this number to climb throughout the years. Traditional advertising is not obsolete (yet), but digital tends to be more effective and targeted.

Noteworthy Article: Facebook Says Instagram Advertising Looks Promising For Travel Brands in 2017

Check out the article above to see why Facebook says Instagram may be a more viable advertising option for the travel industry.

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Nothing beats a South Haven sunset! Shot by @adventuresofmrsjones

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This makes us want to swing into summer. How about you?

TwoSix on Tour: Southeast Tourism Society Marketing College

Founder and Chief Strategist, Dave Serino, presented multiple sessions at the Southeast Tourism Society Marketing College in Georgia!

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