4 Ways Destination Marketing Organizations Can Generate Blog Ideas

Starting a blog can seem daunting. Additionally, maintaining a blog takes work. The number one question seems to be, “What do I write about?”

Instead of guessing what you should write about, use data to inspire your blog topics! Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) can use Google Analytics, free keyword tools, Trip Advisor, and social media insights to generate popular blog ideas.

Let’s get started.

1. Utilize Google Analytics

You can find a treasure trove of blog ideas within your Google Analytics! There is so much insight at your fingertips, so don’t be afraid to use it.

First we recommend identifying the following information:

  • Top landing pages
  • Top keywords
  • Top search terms
  • Top locations

Once you have learned more about your audience’s interests, you can leverage this information to generate blog ideas. Here’s what you can do once you have identified the top metrics on your website.

  • Landing pages
    • Create blog content surrounding the themes of the landing page. Landing pages tend to provide utilitarian information whereas blogs provide experiential information. For example, if your top landing page is your dining page, create a blog titled “Top 10 Restaurants in Our Destination”. Include photos, popular dishes, and links to the restaurants.
  • Keywords
    • If you find you do not have blogs to match popular keyword searches, it’s time to start writing! For example, if  a popular keyword for your website is, “Your destination with kids” – be sure you have a blog titled, “How to Have Fun With Kids in Our Destination”.
  • Search terms
    • Obviously, if someone searches for content within your website, you want to make sure they can find the information. For example, if you find people continue to search for “free things to do”, create a blog titled “5 Free Things to Do in Our Destination”.
  • Locations
    • Identifying the top locations of your website audience requires looking beyond the number of sessions. Also take into account the distance from your destination, the bounce rate, pages per session, and time on site. Once you have found sizable and engaged audiences, you can begin to create content specifically for them such as, “How Visitors from Chicago Can Have the Ultimate Getaway in Our Destination”.

In short, Google Analytics is home to endless ideas for your specific destination and audience. Don’t let all that data just sit there! Make the most of it.

2. Research with Keyword Tools

In addition to Google Analytics, there are other free keyword tools that can help generate blog ideas. TwoSix Digital prefers Übbersuggest and Answer the Public.

  • Übersuggest
    • Simply type in the name of your destination, and see what keywords people use regarding your destination.
  • Answer the Public
    • Get information on questions people ask about your destination.

These tools can easily generate up to 40 blog titles, which is almost an entire year’s worth of blogs.They can also be helpful for paid search campaigns. Übersuggest and Answer the Public are free, easy to use, and provide tons of information. Check them out today!

3. Consult TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a go-to resource for visitors. There is so much information to leverage to your blog’s advantage.

  • Review articles and forums written about your destination. Here you will find questions and stories people have in regards to visiting. If you find repeated themes, or popular topics – create blog content around these subjects. If you are unsure how to find articles and forums about your destination on TripAdvisor, contact us at info@twosixdigital.com and we can help!
  • Review the top attractions, restaurants, hotels, and experiences within your destination. Create blogs such as, “The Top 10 Attractions in Our Destination According to TripAdvisor”.

Chances are, TripAdvisor is intercepting a lot of clicks to your website. Create keyword heavy content based on your findings to claim some of those clicks!

4. Review Top Content on Social Media

Posting on social media happens more frequently than posting a new blog. This can help us determine which content continues to resonate with our audiences across multiple platforms. If we identify themes that are popular on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s time to write blogs about these themes!

Login to your social media channels and review the analytics. Identify the following:

  • Top Facebook posts
  • Top tweets
  • Most popular Pinterest boards
  • YouTube videos with the most views
  • Most liked/commented Instagram photos

Have a clear idea of what topics your audience enjoys. Give the people what they want, and create blog content around their favorite themes on social media!

Want to take a deeper dive into content planning? TwoSix Digital can provide a Tactical Content Planning Process to remove the guess work behind content ideas for blogs and social media posts.

Do you have other tools you like to use to generate blog ideas? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!