Facebook Experimenting with Carousel Page Posts

Not just for ads anymore?

Carousel-type post from TwoSix Digital client, Hamilton County Tourism

Carousel-type post from TwoSix Digital client, Hamilton County Tourism

A new posting option on Facebook seems to mimic the carousel ad format it rolled out last year for non-advertised posts. When posting a link to Facebook you may soon see the option to include multiple images from the landing page (or uploaded by the channel manager) in a carousel format – with each image allowing for customized text.

When posting the link, the carousel format auto-generates and a blue box with text pops up reading:

Choose images from this website to include in your post, or upload your own. Each image will link to the website”.

Carousel-type post

Credit: Social Times

This option seems like a great feature for channel managers to showcase multiple aspects of a blog post or page (see the example above), or to use multiple images to draw eyes to a story (see the example right), but it should be noted that images in this type of format cannot be clicked on to enlarge – so if you experiment, make sure the images are clear!

At this time, Facebook has not commented or released information regarding these types of posts, so there is no confirmation that this is here to stay or just another new feature the social network is trying out.

What kinds of stories can YOU tell with the carousel?