How to Add a Partner to Facebook Business Manager & How to Give a Partner Access to Assets

Step-by-step Instructions with Pictures

Adding a partner to your Facebook Business Manager will allow them to work with you to enhance or analyze your social media presence.

You can choose whether to allow your partner to publish content for your Facebook page, moderate comments, create ads, view page performance, and manage the page. You can also grant them access to your ad account, access to your pixel, and access to your Instagram account.

Here are step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to a partner to your Facebook Business Manager and how to give them access to assets:

Before You Start

There’s 3 small things to get out of the way before we can begin the process. First, you must be an admin to add a partner. To check if you are, check out these instructions on how to manage page roles. Second, be sure that both your page and your partner are on Facebook Business Manager. To make the switch, you can follow these easy instructions. You’ll know if your partners are on business manager, because you’ll need their Facebook Business ID. This is the third and final component, and your partner can find their Facebook Business ID by using the method described here.

Step 1) Business Settings

Facebook Business Settings

Head to, select the relevant Facebook Business Manager Account, and then 1) click the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner.

Step 2) Users

Facebook Business Manager Users

From the column on the left-hand side of the page, select 2) “Users”.

Step 3) Partners

Settings Column

Select 3) “Partners”.

Step 4) Add Partner


Select 4) “Add”.

Step 5) Add Your Partner to Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager Give a Partner Access

Select 5) “Give a partner access to your assets”.

Step 6) Partner’s Business ID

Facebook Business Manager Partner Business ID

Here’s where your partner’s business ID comes into play. Simply copy & paste or enter in their business ID for 6).

Step 7) Assign Page Access

Pixel Access

Since “Pages” will already be selected, simply 7) select the relevant page(s), 8) scroll down, and 9) grant the access needed.

For TwoSix Digital’s Audits, Tactical Content Planning Programs, and campaigns, be sure to scroll down and select “Manage Page”.

Step 8) Assign Ad Accounts

Facebook Business Manager Assign Ad Account to Partner

For the purposes of TwoSix Digital’s services, ad account access typically isn’t necessary, although it give us helpful insights.

However, to do so, 10) select “Ad Accounts”, 11) select the relevant account(s), and 12) grant whatever level access you wish to give.

Step 9) Grant Pixel Access to Your Partner

Pixel Access to a Partner

If TwoSix Digital is going to start a campaign for you, access to your Facebook pixel(s) will be a huge boost to its efficacy.

To grant a partner access, 13) select “Pixels”, 14) select any pixel(s) on your website(s), and 15) select “Manage Pixel”.

Step 10) Grant Partner Instagram Access

Pixel Access

Again, if TwoSix Digital is running a campaign for you, they we typically need access to your Instagram account so we can run ads on the platform.

To grant a partner access, 16) select “Instagram Account” and 17) select the relevant account(s).

Step 11) Save Changes

Save Changes

For the last step, just select “Save Changes”!

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