How to Distribute Your Reemerging Landing Page

Your reemerging website landing page is now up and running on your website informing travelers of your re-opening practices set by your destination. As we presented in our previous blog, the primary function of this page is to be an informational tool for travelers to know what’s open, capacity levels, and safety procedures. Creating the page and making it live on your website is only a part of the process. The rest of your reemergence strategy should be focused on your landing page distribution and how to get this page out to travelers to ensure safety. Read on for more on How to Distribute Your Reemerging Landing Page.

Prominent Website Placement

Your organization’s official website is a great resource for travelers to keep travelers up to date on what’s happening within your destination – making your reemerging landing page a one-stop-shop assures your future visitors you are taking all of the necessary precautions with their safety in mind. Ideally, your organization had a response to what you are doing during COVID-19 and/or what your practices have or had been. This page should have been placed toward the top of your landing page to make it easily accessible. If this is the case, simply replace your COVID-19 Response page with your Reemerging Strategy page.

Use a Promotional Post or Activation Ad

According to current consumer sentiment research, travel this summer will be focused on in-state visits or short driving trips from neighboring states or areas. In an effort to inspire travel and/or keep your drive markets informed of the destination’s progress, it’s worth pushing your newly created reemerging landing page out in a future ad campaign or activation that is targeting to key drive feeder markets.

And, don’t forget to distribute the information to your local community. Residents can leverage it to inform visiting friends and family of your city’s re-opening progress. The VFR Market (Visiting Friends & Relatives) is another segment that we anticipate to be very valuable to every destination during recovery.

Special E-News Blast

Email marketing is a also a very important part of your distribution strategy. Consequently, integrating a special reopening strategy email blast to specifically promote your new reemerging landing page is crucial. It’s a great way to reassure guests that you cannot wait to welcome them as well as a positive way to open communication after the COVID-19 outbreak which resulted in lockdowns.

Additionally, be sure to create an eye-catching email subject line to help increase your open rates. If you’re unsure of how to create email subject lines, check out these 6 Best Practices for Email Subject Lines.

Integrate the Message Into Your Content Calendar

Organizations are already utilizing their newly formed reopening strategy page as a way to engage social followers. With all the unknowns in our society, we encourage you to continually check in with your followers to ensure they understand what safety procedures to follow. Engage followers by welcoming them back to your destination and directing them to your landing page through social posts. Be sure to continually watch for market trends and societal changes, and then tailor your content plan accordingly. For example, Frankenmuth promoting this post with a picture of visitors wearing masks and linking to a FAQ.

Incorporate Into Blogs

As you incorporate your new landing page into your content plan, remember to also build additional blog posts featuring this information. Frankenmuth re-purposed their re-opening strategy page by turning it into a blog topic.

Another example by Traverse City featured safety procedures of their most popular niche activities – consuming craft beer. It encouraged visitors to continue doing what they love to do while promoting safety. It was a great opportunity to help build consumer comfort during their visit.

Other blog topics ideas to consider:

  • More safe ways to visit your destination
  • Activities that naturally incorporate Social Distancing (I.e. outdoor adventure)

Once your reemerging landing page has been created and published, the distribution process is crucial. Be sure to follow the tips above on How to Distribute your Reemerging Landing page to share with your partners and travelers. For information on things to include in your re-opening strategy landing page, check out How to Create a Reemerging Website Landing. Don’t forget to also sign up for our e-newsletter to make sure you keep up-to-date on all things TwoSix Digital!