Trending at TwoSix: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Snapchat’s DAU’s grew so quickly, it made every digital marketer wonder if this was the next big thing for content marketing. Well, you may want to hold off on launching a new Snapchat initiative. Most major brands already have a presence on Instagram. So thanks to the recent rollout of Instagram Stories – marketers can now use all the fun features like doodling, stickers, and ephemeral content without managing a new channel. Keep reading to see how you can leverage Instagram Stories before diving into the trepidatious waters of Snapchat. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: When creating Instagram Stories, remember you can download after sharing, and upload them to YouTube.

Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, just like Snapchat. However, you can leverage this content the next day (and beyond) by downloading the content onto your phone after posting.

Our Tactical Content Planning Process teaches our clients to find multiple uses for one piece of content. Instagram Stories can follow the same best practice.

Here’s some ideas on ways to reuse your Story:
Upload to YouTube
Embed that YouTube video into a blog
Post the video directly to Facebook with captions

If you take the time and energy to produce an Instagram Story, don’t let it slip away in 24 hours! Work smarter, not harder.

Fact of the Week: 43% of millennials say they would delete Snapchat if Instagram Stories adds filters.

Yikes! The battle rages on, and it’s not looking great for Snapchat. Facebook has taken several swings at Snapchat since 2012. With the somewhat recent launch of Instagram Stories, marketers can’t help but be concerned with the longevity of Snapchat. According to a story by Huffington Post, a large number of Snapchat users would abandon the app if Instagram launches some new features.

For those of you who don’t know, “filters” are the facial mapping features that make Snapchat users look like dogs, the elderly, or extra attractive. It’s perhaps the most potent example of “social vanity”.

Snapchat is primarily used by marketers to engage millennials. Hopefully DMO’s are pondering other ways to engage a younger demographic, because it looks like the honeymoon phase with Snapchat may come to an end!

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TwoSix Client Pic of the Week: Discover Kalamazoo

Discover Kalamazoo shared this beautiful photo of Al Sabo Land Preserve. Did you know Kalamazoo, Michigan is a hub for outdoor recreation?

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