Messenger Ads, Algorithm Effects and Presidential Tourism

Trending at TwoSix this week: Facebook Messenger ads, the impacts of Facebook’s recent algorithm update and big boosts in tourism thanks to the presidential race.

Facebook introducing Messenger ads?

Facebook Messenger AdsIf recent reports are to be believed, you will soon be able to create Facebook’s Messenger ads through the app using message threads. TechCrunch reports that starting next quarter businesses will be able to send ads to people who had previously initiated a chat thread with the business. The report indicates that businesses are recommended to try to get more private messages sent to them before the feature rolls out.

While Facebook would not confirm the report and the new Messenger ads, it did confirm that it had launched a URL short link that instantly opens a chat thread with a business, which would be the perfect tool to use for Messenger ads.

Report: Facebook newsfeed tweak helps reach, may hurt engagement

The recent tweak to Facebook’s timeline had many community managers wondering how their post reach and engagement might be affected. A new report may have some insight. Social analytics firm Locowise shows increases in organic reach and page likes – but less engagement.

Locowise saw increases of .16% in page like growth from December and 39.5% more reach from the previous month – hitting a nine month high. However, page engagement was down nearly 12% – hitting a nine month low.

Locowise mentions that more qualitative data is now being used to determine which posts get served up to people – not just the actions people are taking on them. The social network now surveys tens of thousands of people each day to determine the best kinds of content to serve up.

It’s important to note that these findings aren’t going off of a long period of time to monitor and that time will tell what kind of an impact the algorithm tweak will really have.

Presidential race boosting tourism

WASHINGTON, DC. - Seal Of The Office Of The President Of The United States in color with no background.It would seem that the 2016 presidential race is good for tourism. According to the U.S. Travel Association New Hampshire may have seen an increase of more than 78,000 hotel bookings, leading to an extra $8.9 million in hotel revenue. South Carolina may also see a similar boost – only greater than The Granite State.

Looking at analysis of hotel demand from previous presidential primaries, the U.S. Travel Association estimates that 230,000 rooms may be booked just for the primary – leading to a boost of $24.2 million just in hotel revenue and not counting the average $330 spent by travelers per day. Aside from being a larger state than New Hampshire, South Carolina’s Democratic and Republican primaries are bookended (February 20th and 27th), which could lead to longer stays and more money.

“Politicians like to talk about how they have the best plan to create jobs. I wonder if they know they’re doing that just by coming to a state and standing on the stump,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow.