On Our Radar Highlight – Guide to Maximizing Reels

Video continues to dominate social media, users are spending 20% of their time on Instagram scrolling through reels and a whopping 50% are doing the same on Facebook. Video is more important than ever! This can create great opportunities for businesses and individuals to show off their brand. However, some may struggle with how to get started. Best rule of thumb is to be authentic, show off something that is unique to you or your business. Use your voice, show your people, show your community. Additionally, know that you need to nail those first few seconds of your video to keep users interested and stop their scroll. Next up, quality is everything, spend time creating a well thought out video instead of quickly throwing together 10. Also, don’t forget to let your creativity flow, this is a chance to play with your brand’s personality, make your content engaging. Per Instagram, 45% of accounts now interact with a reel at least once a week. Give your account the chance to earn that interaction! Lastly, a collaboration with another business or individual may give your brand a little boost that could prove beneficial as it could be seen by additional users, and we wouldn’t be mad about more exposure! One last thing to remember, when trying out video for the first time, experiment with different topics and forms to see what performs best among your users! The biggest first step is taking the plunge to do video, once you decide to conquer it, you’re halfway there! At TwoSix we are always excited when we can include video in a campaign. Most of the time video ads do the best because movement captures the eye of the viewer. The same is true when posting organically. I encourage everyone to get on the short form video train because we certainly don’t want you to get left back at the station! 

Ashley MaddixDigital Advertising Strategist