First Year Anniversary Q&A With Trisha Hagadorn

Happy One Year Anniversary as our Director of Special Projects, Trisha!

TwoSix: Your first year at TwoSix Digital has been a unique one, with COVID lockdowns occurring just after your first two weeks as part of the team. How did you adjust from the traditional sense of working with a team onsite to working fully remote with a brand-new team?

Trisha: I think the most awkward part of working remotely is getting to know a team on a personal level that you’ve just met. However, I feel like it made us get to know each other as more than just coworkers, which ultimately bonded us into a stronger team. Although working remotely was a huge adjustment, it helps us work together more efficiently and have a strong sense of communication

TwoSix: What is the most valuable skill you’ve learned during the last year? 

TrishaThere is so much I’ve learned this year. As for skills, with the pandemic and countless curve balls we were thrown, especially in digital marketing, I’ve learned how to adapt quickly to updating marketing plans, content calendars, etc.

TwoSix: Since this is your first job in the travel and tourism industry –  what has been your favorite part of working in the industry so far?

Trisha: Working with different destinations and writing blogs about them! It’s fun to research a city or area and find out the best spots, hidden gems, and places to stay. I love writing blogs for our clients that require me to take a deep dive into learning everything I can about the destination. It’s so rewarding to write a blog and see all the engagement it receives from the paid promotions on Facebook, Instagram, etc.!

TwoSix: Now that you’ve gotten a year in the travel & tourism industry under your belt, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is managing the community management for a DMO or CVB?

Trisha: KEEP IT SHORT & SWEET. I learned that tactic super early on in my professional career and it can be used in a variety of situations. Like social media posts! These days, users [probably] won’t read a long social media post, you want to get straight to the point to engage the user quicker. Also, don’t forget to use theme days in your social media content calendars!

TwoSix: Thanks, Trisha! We love having you as a part of the team!

Trisha: Thank you! I love being apart of this team and I’m eager to start working in-person again!

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