At TwoSix Digital, we encourage our clients to produce steady streams of content to keep audiences engaged and inspired by their destination. Check out these tips and articles to keep your channels flowing with awesome content, and learn about bleisure travel trends.

Tip of the Week: Develop weekly themes to make content planning a breeze.

This is a photo of wind farm that contains the following marketing tip: "Develop weekly themes to make content planning a breeze."

Picture this: It’s Monday morning, you had a long weekend of wrapping presents and cleaning the house, you’re sitting at your desk, and you have no idea what to post. If you have ever been in this situation, it’s time to develop a weekly theme. Many of our clients have developed themes that speak to their destination, and keep the marketing team on track when planning content. Visit Stockton is a great example with their weekly theme, Instagram Mondays. They find the best photos of their destination on the photo sharing platform and share them across their social media channels and blog! What weekly theme could you develop for your audience?

Fact of the Week: 85% of people trust content made by others.

This is a photo of someone taking a selfie with the following marketing tip: "Did you know? 85% of people trust content made by others."

Forbes released an article on the 8 Trends That Will Shape Content Planning in 2017, and placing a major emphasis on User Generated Content (UGC). Platforms such as Chute and Crowdriff are beginning to dominate the tourism industry because consumers want real people sharing real experiences to inspire them to travel. When mapping our 2017, be sure to consider leveraging this powerful trend.

Noteworthy Article: Expedia Releases American Bleisure Travel Study

This photo is of a traveler at an airport with a suitcase to accompany the story on bleisure travel.

What’s bleisure travel, you say? It’s not just a funny word. Bleisure travel is when a visitor extends a business trip into a personal vacation. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Your job sends you to a conference in Palm Beach, and you spring for a few extra hotel nights, and make the most of your travels. According to Expeida, the study found 43% of all business trips, across domestic and international destinations, are bleisure trips. Read the full article here, and ponder on ways your DMO can inspire bleisure travel at your destination’s next major meeting.

Where Was TwoSix This Week?

TwoSix Digital’s Founder and Strategist, Dave Serino, was in Flint, Michigan for the Pure Michigan Travel Commission. This group meets every quarter to strengthen Michigan as a destination!

TwoSix Client Pic of the Week: Sault Ste. Marie Convention and Visitors Bureau

Pure Michigan was hit hard with snow this past week. Some hid away in their houses behind bowls of soup and hot tea, and others embraced the weather with a smile like this TwoSix Client Pic of the Week from Sault Ste. Marie!

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