Powerful Tools for Effective Content Creation

Posted: March 17th, 2022

As digital marketers, we always keep an eye out for the best tools to help create eye-catching and share-worthy content. Luckily, there are many tools available to you that can help with everything from spelling errors to easy-to-create graphics. We’ve compiled a list of the powerful tools for effective content creation.

Content Inspiration

If including curated content into your social media is in your strategy, take advantage of these tools that can help you find high-quality content for your organization to use.


The best place to start is Feedly. This site is a great place to start as it’s an easy-to-use tool that will help you find articles related to your destination and experiences, keep them organized, and will update each day with new content for you to share! Take advantage of their “Read Later” option that will help you bookmark the many different articles you find while browsing.


Make sure that your brand stays relevant and up-to-date by checking out Forekast. This simple tool keeps you in the loop on what is happening across the world, including important national and international days, significant sporting events, and world news. If you’re looking for a more specific layout of national days across the United States, be sure to check out this Days of the Year calendar.  Bookmark these pages and check them out at the beginning of each week to help keep your content calendar streamlined.

Creative Content

Creative content starts with good-looking images to accompany your posts. We all want to be masters at creating beautiful content, but there are very few ways to get there without using tools to boost your creative content. These tools will not only make your followers stop their scroll but make you a creative content wizard in no time!


If you’re looking to create graphics or enhance your photos or blogs but don’t want to dive into the world of Photoshop – Canva is the answer. The best part – the free version allows you to make a wide variety of graphics in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Don’t forget to customize your graphics to your brand by uploading your logos, colors, and fonts to include them into your content.

Ripl – Video Design

Create eye-catching videos in the palm of your hand with the Ripl app. This video creation app will undoubtedly catch your followers’ attention with quick, visually appealing videos that can be entirely created on your mobile device. Plus, by connecting your social profiles to the app, you can post directly to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Download & learn more here.

Legend App – Animated Text + GIfs

Spice up your social media feed with video graphics made on the Legend app. Here, you can animate text, photos and easily create GIFs for your feed. You’re sure to grab your followers’ attention with the things you can create with this tool. The best part? It’s free and all on your phone. Click here to download.

Written Content

Grammarly Editor

Correct grammar is so essential on social. Grammarly takes the cake when it comes to editing software, and the best part is that when you install the app, the plugin pops up on most social media platforms, creating a quick and easy edit tool. This tool is sure to help you avoid any funky autocorrect errors or misuse of punctuation in future posts.

Now that we’ve educated you on these tools to make you a creative, written and generated content guru, be sure to add them to your content marketing tool belt and put them to use ASAP. We cannot wait to see what you create!

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