5 Quick Questions with TwoSix Digital’s Newest Team Member, Megan Schroder

Let’s welcome the newest member of the TwoSix Digital Team, Megan Schroder! She’s serving as the Director of Special Projects and is very excited to work with all of you. Let’s learn more about her.

26: Welcome aboard, Megan! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

M: Thanks! I am so excited to be here! I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and a graduate of Calvin College, where I studied Strategic Communication and Psychology. I also was a part of the swim team at Calvin, which really shaped my college career & has shaped a lot of my post-grad life as well! I was the head coach of a high school swim team for two years and an assistant coach at Calvin for one year. I have a twin brother, a sister-in-law and a younger sister who live in Grand Rapids and I am a big fan of hockey, swimming, and music.

26: Tell us more about your experience with digital marketing.

M: My first job after graduation was as the Digital Marketing Intern for the Grand Rapids Griffins, the AHL affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings. The job was really how I first got into the field of digital marketing and is how I quickly learned that it was something I was interested in pursuing. My role at the Griffins was to manage our content calendar, cover live events (games, community events, VIP experiences) and to assist and support the marketing/ticket-sales and corporate sales departments with their efforts to give fans the best possible experience. I learned a lot about social media strategy in the professional sports industry and I gained experience with content planning, execution, and engaging with fans on a regular basis.

26: What is your favorite social media channel for personal use, and professional use?

M: For personal use, I like the classic favorite; Instagram! I love how creative you can get with the platform with stories and I also have a large appreciation for photography, so I am naturally drawn to Instagram. For professional use, I love Twitter. I love how it can start a conversation. When I was at the Griffins, it was my favorite thing to reply to fans or opposing teams and keep the conversation going. There also is a lot of room for wit, creativity, and humor and I’m all about that.

26: TwoSix Digital works exclusively in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. What is the most magnificent place you have ever visited?

M: Two specific places come to mind for me actually, both in France. First, Paris. I love it for so many reasons and it always was my dream travel destination (me and one million others, right?). I would go there every year if I could. Second, Normandy. I actually visited Normandy right after Paris and the difference between the two cities was incredible. The serenity and power of Normandy were unlike I ever experienced. We visited the American Cemetery there, visited the tombs of fallen soldiers of D-Day and saw the beaches where the battle happened. Let me tell you, I think that if you can get there, this place is a must for American tourists. It is powerful, magnificent, historical and beyond.

26: What is the best social media advice you have ever received?

M: Double, triple, quadruple check your posts, always! Even if you’ve been posting for the same organization for years, you still have the possibility to make mistakes, typos and beyond. It’s important that you’re sending out quality posts with good grammar, spelling etc. because people do notice!

Megan will be taking over the TwoSix Digital social media channels! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see her work in action.