TwoSix Digital develops and provides customized reporting dashboards to illuminate your digital activities in a handy snapshot to your staff, board members, and other managing entities. The dashboard measures everything from overall website traffic using Google Analytics, social media growth and engagement, and a comprehensive summary narrative.  This report can be used to provide insight for your board reports, future campaign development, or real-time analytic check-ins and measurement.

The Google Analytics website report portion includes insight from website traffic, including Sessions, Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Pages per Session, Social Referrals. We will also include insight from referring sites, visitor demographics, primary landing pages, and overall visitor engagement.

The social media report includes Facebook Likes, Total Reach, Paid Reach, Link Clicks, and Engagements. Track your Instagram Followers, Likes, Comments, Video Views, and Story Impressions. We’ll also track your e-newsletter’s performance in regard to Subscriptions, Open Rates and Click Through Rate, and more.

We can build a fully customized report for your organization to track pretty much anything you’re trying to capture.


  • Google Analytic Insights

    Source Traffic, Overall Web Sessions, Bounce Rate, etc.

  • Web Traffic

    Top Landing Pages, Avg. Session Durations, etc.

  • Blog Sessions

    Top Blogs, Blog Sessions, Bounce Rate, Month over Month Comparison, etc.

  • DMA Insights

    Top DMA’s

  • Social Media Insights

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, ETC.

  • Newsletter Insights

    Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc



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