Summer Travel Interest, Snapchat Video Views Rise

Summer Travel Opportunities Increase for Domestic Locations

While the threat of terrorism and disease are serious matters, fears over these two concerns may lead to an increase in domestic summer travel this year. According to the ADI Travel Survey 2016, interest in domestic summer travel and traveling within one’s own region rose 8% over the previous year.Domestic Travel

Lower gas prices are also being cited as helping to increase the interest in domestic summer travel, though survey respondents did say they planned on spending less on their trips this year. Still, this increased interest could lead to a better summer for U.S. DMO’s.

Snapchat Serving up Billions of Videos

Snapchat Video ViewsIf their claims are believed to be true, Snapchat now serves up more videos each day than Facebook. Snapchat claims it serves 10 BILLION video views each day – which dwarfs Facebook’s 8 billion daily views.

However, there are a few caveats to this story. Facebook counts a view at 3 seconds (something they’ve come under fire for in the past) and on Snapchat a video view is counted as soon as a Snap is loaded. This means that even if a user doesn’t watch the video once it’s up a view is counted.

While every platform seems to be playing by its own rules with regard to what a view really is, the simple fact that Snapchat is able to report such a massive number in the first place seems to further cement the messaging service as a serious social network contender.