COVID-19 has had quite an effect on the service industry that employs more than 15 million Americans. So now more than ever we need to come together as a community and support our local businesses. That is why a group of restaurants have come together to ask for help from their community members, partners and guests to support them during this pandemic.

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout was created to do just that. On Tuesday, March 24th, these restaurants asked their community to order takeout or delivery in support of their business.  In an effort to amplify the messaging to the local community, we developed a few campaigns to create some additional reach.

Each campaign was locally focused by geotargeting through zip codes, cities/towns or pin placement via the Facebook and Instagram ad network.  Each of the campaigns featured ads with images of dishes from the participating restaurants.

Here are a few of the campaign ads that we successfully ran last week, along with some of their results.  And, if you didn’t participate in the inaugural #TheGreatAmericanTakeout, there is always next Tuesday!

These campaigns highlighted the support of local businesses.

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout Results:

  • CTR = 12.6%
  • Link CTR = 6.1%
  • CPC = $0.07
  • 5674 Landing Page Views
  • 378 Post Reactions

Livingston County created the hashtag #EatLivCo to help visitors of the area to easily access what restaurants in the county are participating.

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout Results:

  • CTR = 7.73%
  • Link CTR = 3.77%
  • CPC = $0.15
  • 1319 Landing Page Views
  • 228 Post Reactions

DeKalb County utilized the hashtag #SpreadJoyNotGerms to promote takeout and delivery for the restaurants that are open during this time.

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout Results;

  • CTR = 8.1%
  • Link CTR = 3.9%
  • CPC = $0.10
  • 427 Post Reactions

This campaign highlighted the ease of ordering takeout or delivery.

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout Results:

  • CTR = 12.76%
  • Link CTR = 4.22%
  • CPC = $0.04

This campaign highlights the need for supporting the community.

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout Results:

  • CTR = 7.16%
  • Link CTR = 3.38%
  • CPC = $0.04

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout was successful in helping local businesses during this pandemic. They are continually promoting local takeout and delivery. Check out their website for more information.

For any questions concerning these campaigns or other campaigns check out our Case Study’s. 

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