Trending at TwoSix: Facebook Link Previews

Before reading this blog, take a deep breath. Remember every challenge presents an opportunity. Luckily, Facebook has presented nearly every marketer with a challenge by removing the ability to edit link previews. This means every marketer has been presented with an opportunity…right?

If you have pesky link previews, recognize this as an opportunity to have a conversation with your web developer about the changes that need to be made. If your website does not properly load link previews, it means there is a larger SEO issue with your website that should be addressed. Now there is a sense of urgency to this problem thanks to Facebook’s decision.

Update: Some Facebook Page admins are now able to edit link previews, including TwoSix Digital. Some still do not have this feature.

Fact of the Week: Facebook has removed the ability to edit link previews.

Our announcement on Facebook gathered some emotional responses! Let it out, and share a gif that symbolizes how you feel about this change on our Facebook post.

Tip of the Week: There ARE ways to edit your link previews. None of them are easy.

Here are some things you need to know about fixing this issue:

  • Facebook is allowing “media companies” to claim their URL. This will allow media companies the ability to edit link previews as always. Destination Marketing Organizations do NOT qualify as media companies.
  • Yes, you can still edit link previews in ads.
  • Facebook released a PDF on a way to edit link previews for organic posts. It’s…annoying. Here is the link to the PDF, however, we encourage you to use this  method as a band-aid. The larger issue with your website should be addressed so this is no longer a problem for you!
  • WORDPRESS USERS: TwoSix Digital highly recommends installing the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin makes it easy to edit the SEO title and meta description before a post goes live. We use this tool for our blog, and to be honest, the new restrictions on link previews are not an issue for us!
  • Regardless of how quickly Facebook resolves this issue, stay on top of your web developer to fix this issue within the SEO structure of your website!

Noteworthy Article: 5 New Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

Not every change to Facebook is negative! Here are 5 new features that are exciting for marketers and users.

  1. Group Admin Badges: If you are an admin of a group, a fancy badge will appear next to your name when you post/comment within the group!
  2. Related Articles Expansion: Facebook is now recommending more related articles based on high volumes of shares, and validity.
  3. Animated Comment Triggers: Next time you see a comment that says “xoxo” or “congrats”, click on it, and watch the magic unfold!
  4. Improved Translations: If you are still Facebook friends with the foreign exchange students from high school, you know that Facebook’s translation system is a little shaky. They’re trying to remedy this with advanced technology!
  5. Product Tags in Posts: We noticed this addition to Facebook long ago! Add your top products or attractions to your “Products” on Facebook, and highlight them within your posts.

Read the full article for more information, and have fun with these new features!

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Galveston Island

Every time Facebook makes a change like this, it makes us want to pack up for an island getaway. Galveston Island shared this gorgeous photo of their newly renovated aquarium!

As soon as we hear updates about Facebook link previews, we will be sure to inform you on our Facebook and Twitter. Stay tough. You got this!