Trending at TwoSix: How and Why to Make Travel Video a Priority

Plain and simple, if video is not a top priority for your Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), you are behind the times.

For smaller DMO’s, dedicating budget to professional videographers is not realistic. However, there are other solutions to adding more video into your content strategy.

Keep reading to find out how and why travel video is so important for our industry. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Provide a stipend to a local college student to make 1 video per month.

One easy and effective way to produce video content is to find an eager local college student with the right hardware and software.

$100-$300 per video may seem like a small stipend to you, but it’s a huge win for an inexperienced/aspiring videographer living off ramen noodles. This means it would only cost you $1,200 – $3,600 for a year’s worth of video content!

It should not be hard to convince a college student to lend you a hand. They will appreciate the cash, professional credit, and fun content to produce!

Fact of the Week: Travel video content is up 118% year over year.


Statistics like this prove the importance of video in our industry. Just about everyone is jumping on the bandwagon due to the effectiveness of travel video content.

Even if hiring a college student is out of scope for your organization, remember that the majority of us carry around a powerful video tool in our pocket all day long!

Take a look at our blog, 10 Video Secrets to Success for the Tourism Industry. Here you will discover a couple tips and tricks to help you jumpstart, or take your travel video strategy to the next level.

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TwoSix Digital often sees DMO’s producing video content with no paid strategy behind it. Granted, there are organic strategies that you can apply to video content. However, a paid strategy is the ultimate key to successfully reaching large amounts of targeted consumers.

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