Trending at TwoSix: Influencer Marketing

It’s hard to ignore the buzz around influencer marketing. More and more travel marketers are inviting popular Instagrammers, bloggers, and YouTubers to their destination in order to reach a new audience. We wanted to share our thoughts on this rising trend to make sure your influencer efforts are the most effective they can be! Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Create campaigns around influencer initiatives.

One of the most common mistakes we see with influencer campaigns is the lack of followthrough. So much thought (and budget) goes into simply getting the influencer to come to a destination, yet it’s easy to forget to leverage their impact after the visit. Don’t be the destination that settles for a couple influencer generated Instagram photos. Here’s some ways you can increase your impact:

  • Have your influencers create Instagram Stories during their visit, in addition to traditional Instagram posts. Save the Instagram Story before it expires, and upload it as a video to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Craft a blog on your website, using photo embeds and quotes from the influencer.
  • Create a Facebook album of all the photos taken by your influencer during their visit.
  • Dedicate a Pinterest Board to the influencer’s visit. Have the photos link back to the blog created about their stay.
  • Once your Facebook album and Pinterest Boards are created, share them as tweets.

Identify ways in which you plan on leveraging influencer content before their visit. It’s easy to get caught up in dinner arrangements and itinerary building. Now, let’s make the most of the content!

Fact of the Week: 37% of marketers are now dedicating budget for influencer marketing.

That’s right. Almost half of marketers are dedicating budget money to influencer marketing.

When planning your influencer budget, make sure to set aside funds for content promotion. Similarly to crafting content after their visit, dedicate funds to promoting said content.

You may even consider constructing an entire ad campaign surrounding the influencer. TwoSix Digital would be happy to assist in helping you budget, and set up ads to have the most impact. Learn more about our Integrated Digital Campaign Services here.

Noteworthy Article: An Integrated Approach to Travel PR

Many times, influencer initiatives are handled by PR departments – especially in larger DMOs. A recent article from O’Dwyers explains PR must be integrated with all other marketing efforts. Here is an insightful quote from the article:

“Whatever thought was put into planning a social media strategy, for instance, was usually developed apart from the larger overall marketing strategy, including PR. [This] describes a typical siloed approach to marketing. It relies on the assumption that traditional PR and digital marketing would continue their journeys on separate, although related, tracks. Eventually, though, savvy PR professionals began projecting that the tracks did not run on parallel courses but were headed for an inevitable convergence.”

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Visit Lake County

Can’t afford an influencer marketing budget? Strapped for time and cash? That’s okay. There’s always french fries. Persuade people to visit with photos of french fries. Because honestly, aren’t we all planning a trip to Visit Lake County after looking after this picture?

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