Trending at TwoSix: LinkedIn Is Improving Lead Gen Capabilities

Posted: May 24th, 2022


Meetings can be particularly challenging to promote for CVBs. Finding the right people who can make those large bookings is difficult or impossible with many standard promotion methods, like social or SEM. When LinkedIn first rolled out the ability to gather leads, many agencies, including us at TwoSix, were excited to try out this new targeting method to build audience databases for those harder-to-promote areas. However, the rollout did not go too smoothly, and many users found that the only leads they received were spam. LinkedIn wasn’t blind to this. The platform has announced some significant changes, making it easier to promote newsletters and gather new leads.

Advertisers and CVBs alike are no more equipped than ever to build and promote meetings and events newsletters within this platform than ever before. LinkedIn users will soon be able to add links to the website and an email newsletter right in the profile description. This makes it easy for people to navigate off the platform and adds a level of credibility to the newsletters promoted there. On top of these changes, the platform also released a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of its lead generation ads. (source).