Trending at TwoSix: Instagram Reel Features

Posted: June 30th, 2022

New features allow for more creativity and opportunities

When Instagram Reels was first released Reels in the summer of 2021, it was obvious to most users that the new feature was a direct challenge to TikToks soaring popularity. Competition between the two platforms has been fierce. The video-format and user interfaces of both platforms were very similar, although they differed when it came to actual video creation.

Reels utilized (mostly) the same video creation tools already on the platform in the form of Stories, while TikTok revolutionized the space with filters, music, voice over, and more. This resulted in many creators repurposing their TikTok content on Instagram, which in turn lead to the platform revamping its algorithm to deprioritize any content with watermarks from other ad platforms.

Meta seems to be changing course now, seeking to differentiate Reels from TikTok rather than directly competing by introducing new features that are not available on other platforms – most exciting of these is the ability to add the interactive stickers from Stories to Reels (e.g., polls, multiple choice questions, emoji-sliders, etc.). This creates a whole world of opportunity for all kinds of creators – including CVBs. Using permanent video content (as opposed to disappearing stories) to generate direct feedback from audiences can help creators gauge audience sentiment in different ways, bringing engagement out of the comment section (Social Media Managers everywhere, rejoice!).

Created by our Digital Advertising Strategist, Scout Delicato

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