Trending at TwoSix: Social Content Planning

TwoSix Digital takes social content planning very seriously. Every year we deliver several of content plans to our clients so they can make the most of their time (and budget). Creating a content plan can seem extremely daunting, but setting aside time to plan will help you be more productive in the long run. If you don’t know where to start, keep reading or consider signing up for our content planning program. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: If you don’t have a content plan, start by planning blogs and videos at least one month in advance.

It’s hard to plan every post in advance. In fact, we don’t recommend planning every tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram photo. That leaves little room for creativity and spontaneity – two key elements to social media.

However, more impactful, time-consuming efforts such as blogs and videos should be planned in advance. Aiming to set a schedule a month in advance is useful because it gives you plenty of time to prep and find resources for the content you wish to create.

Furthermore, planning this far out ensures the content will be created. Sometimes we have every intention of making a video, and three months goes by before we notice it!

Ultimately, setting a loose structure like this will help other elements to fall into place. Don’t let content planning get in the way of your greatness! Make it work for you!

Fact of the Week: 60% of marketers don’t have a content plan.


All we have to say is, “Oof.” This is brutal! TwoSix Digital has an active social media presence, and we cannot imagine life without a content plan! It’s madness!

If you are one of many marketers who does not have a content plan, we feel bad for you! What a crazy life you are living.

You have to take control of this situation! Start content planning today!

Noteworthy Article: Why Most Marketers Are Dropping the Ball on Content Strategy

Check out this article for some interesting facts about the state of content marketing such as:

  • 91% of marketers are using content marketing
  • 53% of marketers said their entire organization’s content marketing efforts rest solely on a small or one-person team
  • 70% of marketers said they always or frequently prioritize delivering content quality over content quantity

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