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Let’s get serious about hashtags on Instagram. They can be extremely powerful, yet we see a lot of Destination Marketing Organizations underutilizing or misusing hashtags on Instagram. Pick up a couple pointers in our blog to step up your game! #LetsGetStarted.

Tip of the Week: Avoid using overly generic hashtags on Instagram like #fun, #happy, #colorful, etc.

We recommend Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) steer clear of generic hashtags. Why? Because using generic hashtags makes your brand look generic. Furthermore, let’s be honest. Are we gaining quality audiences from #fun? Probably not.

So what hashtags should you use? Here are some ideas:

  • Your branded hashtag (duh).
  • Other popular hashtags within your community. Chances are, your branded hashtag is not the most popular.
  • The official State DMO hashtag for your home state.
  • Hashtag the name of your state.
  • Other popular hashtags for your state.
  • National days (if applicable).

Better yet, make a note in your phone with all the hashtags you would like to use on a regular basis. Instead of typing them in for every post, you can simple copy and paste them over!

Fact of the Week: 70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded.

Yikes! Out of all the hashtags on Instagram, over 70% are branded! That is a shockingly high percentage, and should make you extra cautious about your choice of hashtag usage.

As always, we recommend taking a few moments to research a hashtag before using it. A seemingly harmless hashtag could be a political statement, or a promotion for another brand!


We decided to feature our own content for the Noteworthy Article of the Week! In case you missed you, check out our recent study on State DMO’s activity on Instagram. The information is laid out in a handy infographic. Here are some of the key findings:

  • 66,954 is the average number of followers on State DMO Instagram accounts
  • 247,840 is the average number of photos/videos under a State DMO hashtag
  • 54% of State DMOs share videos on Instagram
  • 32% of State DMOs share albums on Instagram

Learn more about State DMOs on Instagram by checking out the infographic here!

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Visit French Lick – West Baden

One of the most important things to remember about Instagram is to post beautiful photos exclusively. Visit French Lick – West Baden, Indiana gets it! Check out this beautiful photo, and find something gorgeous to feature on your Instagram.

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