Trending at TwoSix: Instagram Videos

Instagram is becoming a more versatile tool. Long gone are the days when we simply shared photos with cool filters. Now we can share videos, layout photos, timelapses, boomerangs, albums, stories, etc.

How are you leveraging video on Instagram? Read this blog to find out why you should dedicate some (but not all) of your time to creating video specifically for the platform. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Post at least one video on Instagram each month.

We talk about video a lot on our blog. We often encourage our readers to create at least one video a month and share it on various channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

However, take it another step further, and create a video specifically for your Instagram audience. Sure, you can share this video on other channels (and you should!), but dedicate some time to creating a video just for your Instagram.

The amount of time it may take to create an Instagram video could be as short as five minutes! Capture a babbling river, the new animal at the zoo, or taking the first bite out of your burger! Your videos can be short and fun. Don’t overthink it.

Fact of the Week: Top Instagram publishers get more likes on images, but more comments on videos.


Now, we should warn you that your videos may underperform when compared to other posts. However, according to the fact of the week, it’s likely you will get more comments than normal.

Don’t just chase likes. Do your best to create a vibrant image of your destination utilizing all the tools – including video!

If you notice an uptick in comments, be sure to engage! Make sure to like their comments, answer their questions, or respond with some emojis.

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