What Is White Space and Why Should You Use It?

You might have heard the term “white space” thrown around a few times when discussing digital marketing. It’s often said, but rarely explained. It’s used even less by your average community manager. However, there are huge, intuitive benefits to using it in your social media efforts, so read on to learn what white space is and why you should use it!

What is white space?

White space is basically what it sounds like: blank or empty space. In this context, we’re just going to focus on white space of text in a social media post. It’s typically achieved by using a line break.

Here’s what it looks like:

What white space is

Notice that there’s full, empty space between sentences – not just a sentence on the line underneath.

Why use white space?

There are three main reasons to use white space:

  1. It’s scientifically proven that users read and digest content faster if it’s laid out vertically on social media. Essentially, people typically only read the first few words on the left side of a screen.
  2. If you use white space, more of your content will be on the left! You can then drive users’ attention to the most interesting aspects of your caption.
  3. Content is just easier to digest with spaces in between.

You can read that post in a second or two! Keep content to the left and use white space to maximize impact.

Still Not Convinced?

Cluttered Social Media Post

Consider a stranger’s cluttered desk. It could be near impossible to find what you’re looking for, and most people don’t want to spend their time staring at jumbled office supplies trying to spot a ruler.

Clean Social Media with White Space

There’s a ton of empty space on this clean desk! It’s easy to find a ruler, and you might even stop to smell the flowers while you’re at it.

This same phenomenon is actually amplified when applied to social media, since users spend such a short amount of time on a post (average of 1.7s per piece of content on Facebook). Use white space on all your social media channels for clean posts that catch users’ interests easily!

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