What Travel Brands Absolutely Need to Know about IGTV

IGTV took the social media world by storm just over a month ago and since then, we’ve been actively learning about what things are truly important about this new feature for your destination marketing efforts. This new, long-form way to post video content has been tackled successfully by several destinations already, while others are still waiting for the right opportunity to take a leap into the new technology. Here is what we think you should know about IGTV in order for it to be beneficial to marketing your destination.

Use Vertical Videos 

One of the most notable features about IGTV is the fact that it is entirely made up of vertical videos. Many may ask, “why vertical?”, especially since this is the first time we’ve really seen this since Snapchat stories were unveiled. However, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Phones are made to be held vertically and social media is predominantly mobile, therefore it makes logical sense to use vertical video.

TwoSix Tip: If you are set on using horizontal video, you may want to skip using this app and utilize YouTube or Vimeo. 

Create Long-Form Content

Another way that IGTV is standing out amongst other platforms is the fact that is has become a place for long-form content. Instagram only allows for one-minute long videos, but this app is MADE to consume long-form video! With that in mind, make sure that you’re giving people something of substance to watch. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the current time limits:

  • Everyone can share videos up to 10 minutes long
  • Some brands have been granted access to share up to hour-long videos (Netflix, BBC Earth etc.)
  • Soon this will be the standard for everyone, so start brainstorming!

Fully Leverage Your Content

One of the best parts of this new app is the fact that it is giving you the opportunity to fully leverage your content beyond regular posts and stories. Here are 5 ways to fully leverage your IGTV content:

  1. Dig through your video archives to repurpose relevant video content
  2. Add IGTV to your Instagram page by making it a Story Highlight
  3. Use clickable links in your video descriptions
  4. Include hashtags in your descriptions so that it shows up in hashtag searches
  5. Engage and follow other IGTV users to help formulate ideas

Take Things One Step at a Time! 

When should you start using IGTV? Our suggestion is to be patient. Before you launch into this new app, you need to make sure that you are keeping the rest of your Instagram feed in-check. It’s really tempting to chase the shiny object but make sure that before you do so, you have taken full advantage of Instagram stories. (1-5 stories per week with approximately 3+ story elements to each) Once you have been doing this on a consistent basis, you can start learning how to integrate IGTV into your content plan.

What should you post on IGTV?

Finally, once you have decided on a good time to start trying out IGTV, make sure that you develop a storytelling strategy for your destination to feature on IGTV. Some good examples from destinations include tours, behind the scenes, and concerts (with permission).

For a quick guide on how to post on IGTV, check out this infographic from Social Media today.

Here are some of our favorite IGTV examples:

Visit Florida
Visit California

Now that we’ve broken down this new piece of technology for you and what it means for your destination marketing efforts, take time to sit down with your team to see how you can absolutely nail your IGTV strategy!