Why You Should (Still) Post About Your Best

You’ve been posting about the same attraction for what seems like decades. You crave something new and exciting. So, when the new “Ship in a Bottle” museum opens with 14+ (aka fifteen) models made by local craftsmen (aka Todd down the street), you’re all over it. However fun this may be to you, it’s still important to post about your best attractions to bring visitors to your destination!

Define Your Best

The first step in promoting the things that make your destination special is defining exactly what makes it unique. The best place to start is to look for important words like “only,” “biggest,” “oldest,” or “finest” typically, these words will give a good indication of what special things are in your area. If you’re still at a loss as to what makes your place great, google TripAdvisor’s “Top Things to Do” in your area. If there’s something on this list that you’re constantly talking to potential visitors about, then Bingo!

Another way to refer to these “best” parts of your destination is as “differentials.” These differentials are the pillars of your destination, and if they didn’t exist, your destination would crumble.

Take Holland, MI for example; the “Tulip Time Festival” sets Holland apart from surrounding cities and bring in loads of visitors every year. Even though their social media manager may have to be extra creative in thinking of ways to continuously promote this event, it pays off greatly as it is something Holland is known for!

Amplifying these Differentials

The next step is to find ways to amplify your differentials and influence visitors to your destination. One major thing to keep in mind is that anything special about your destination is probably why first-time visitors make the trip or why others return. Even if it’s something that you’re sick of or used to posting about all the time, remember that it’s what makes your destination special. This unique aspect is what initially helps draw visitors to you!

Here are some quick tips on how to amplify these differentials without getting bored:

  • Post about your special attraction at once a week: schedule your posts out ahead of time, especially since what you’re posting about is a pillar of your destination. It’s not going anywhere, so you can afford to take time to schedule these posts ahead of time.
    • Note: If it’s an event that makes your destination unique, you can adjust this frequency based on the timing of your event.

  • Integrate it into your large content pieces: make sure that you have great content pieces about your differential so you can put them in the hands of potential visitors.
    • Example: A city known for Beer could have a “Craft Brewery Map” and/or a blog titled “The 10 Best Pints in Town!”

  • Include it in Call to Actions: If you’re known for the “Biggest Theme Park in the Midwest,” then include that in your digital ad campaigns, e-newsletters, etc., and try to use it to create conversions amongst your audience.
    • For example: “Are you a Thrill-Seeker? Then be sure to visit Manhattan, Michigan, to experience the Biggest Theme Park in the Midwest!”

Now, to clarify, we’re not saying only to post about your biggest attractions. You’re always going to have new and exciting things to share on your social channels, and these new things will definitely encourage past visitors to come back! However, always remember that it’s vital to consistently keep these pillars of your destination on your social media calendar.

Here a great example of a destination that has really amplified their differential:

Experience Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is known as “Beer City USA,” and this makes their destination unique.