Engagement has always been an important metric in marketing, but now, it’s really the metric. As you may have noticed, Google Analytics swapped all the metrics we had become accustomed to for engagement metrics in response to the growing emphasis on engagement. In similar fashion, social media companies are developing new methods of keeping users engaged.

Pinterest and Instagram both announced new tools for doing just this.

In September, Pinterest hosted its annual advertising summit, Pinterest Presents, during which the social media platform showcased a new advertising format: Quiz Ads. At the summit, Pinterest explained how these ads will work. First, advertisers must create three multiple-choice questions for the quiz. Then, advertisers can create different results based on quiz answers.

A quiz question could look something like:

“What does your ideal vacation look like?”

  1. A thrilling adventure
  2. Quiet and relaxing
  3. Exploring new places and experiences

Based on users’ answers, you can guide them to a Pin or a landing page that matches their interests and needs. You can be sure with Quiz Ads that you’re showing resorts and spas to the “quiet and relaxing” types and mountain biking trails to the “thrilling adventure” types, just as an example.

Pinterest’s initial test run of Quiz Ads resulted in an astonishing 80% quiz completion rate, marking a significant achievement in engagement for an advertisement.

Pivoting away from Pinterest, Instagram embarked on a new testing phase for a unique comment feature, Polls. While polls have been an integral part of Instagram Stories and direct messages, they’ve been confined by the limitations of these channels. Stories only last for 24 hours, and DMs are private by nature. The test has been limited to a select few accounts, but Zuckerberg says the new polling feature will roll out to everyone soon, giving us the ability to create public and permanent polls.

These updates introduce fresh avenues for promoting audience engagement, providing marketers with powerful tools to interact with their audiences and gather valuable feedback. By taking advantage of these innovative features, you can not only connect with your audience more effectively but also gain insights that can shape your future marketing strategies.