Something exciting is happening at Pinterest. Back in July, Pinterest first introduced direct links and now they are expanding this feature to new types of ads including consideration and conversion campaigns. What does this mean? It means that instead of taking a user two clicks to get to your website or app it now only takes one.

Before the user would click on the pin and it would simply enlarge the pin, this is known as a pin click. Then they would click again to be taken to the website or app, this is known as an outbound click. Now, with option of direct links, we skip that first step where we would see drop off before getting to the website and we simply send the user directly to the website. This should lead to an increase in users getting to the site. According to this article, they’ve seen an increase in outbound clicks by 88% and a decrease in cost per outbound click by 39%.

This is great news for advertisers whose goal is to get people to their website. Recently, Pinterest has allowed advertisers to optimize for outbound clicks which we’ve seen has helped increase the number of outbound clicks but not necessarily improve the CPC. The expansion of this feature just might be enough to combat that issue though.