We learned last month, that Pinterest may, in fact, be good for you but now they might be encouraging contributions to sustainability practices. Pinterest may be ruling the social media game right now. Climate change has been at the forefront of concerns over a couple of decades and has continued to become an issue that more and more people are paying attention to all the time. Pinterest is recognizing this and is helping businesses bring environmental information to their ads.

Due to a recent study conducted by Pinterest, 94% of sustainable campaigns lifted pin awareness compared to 84% of non-sustainable campaigns. It was also found that Pinterest users are 63% more likely to say that knowing a product or company is environmentally friendly is a driver for purchases. But people are smart and can see through a company just trying to jump on the trend. So, it is important to communicate clear eco-friendly behavior.

Now, how does this relate to ads and travel? Businesses within a destination including restaurants, gift shops and hotels all have an opportunity to become more sustainable and this in turn can really help boost a campaign. Last fall, I ran a sustainability campaign for one of our clients who was focused on keeping their trails and campsites clean, wildlife safe and bring awareness for protecting the beautiful environment. This campaign could have benefited from these new sustainability audiences Pinterest is providing. Not only is this something we expect to see more of in the future but now we have more tools to make a successful campaign. Maybe we will be able to do two things at once, promote a beautiful destination and bring awareness to the importance of protecting our environment.