Now is a great time to breathe new life into your YouTube efforts as they prepare to roll out a series of new features to help creators. Some of these have been desired for a long time!

Here’s a run down:

  1. Thumbnails matter. If you’re not adding thumbnails currently, you should. According to YouTube, 90% of the best-performing videos have a customized thumbnail. A new A-B testing tool further emphasizes the importance that YouTube puts on quality thumbnails to represent your videos. The new A-B testing tool will allow you to test different thumbnail creatives similar to how Meta tests various ad creatives in their ad sets.
  2. Don’t get carried away with AI tools to enhance your videos! While it can be tempting to leverage the myriad of different AI tools to spice things up, be warned.  In an effort to combat deep fakes and misinformation, YouTube will begin to make creators disclose whether or not they are using AI. At first, this made my heart sink, but upon further research, it relates to whether or not visual aspects are dramatically enhanced or outright AI generated. Content won’t be removed for using AI enhancements, but a new warning will be displayed to users.
  3. While YouTube is watching for misleading AI content, they are at the same time developing some exciting new AI tools like Aloud that will allow videos to be dubbed into different languages! The possibilities are truly endless and could dramatically expand your reach among new audiences. Something to keep an eye out for.
  4. Additionally, new AI tools can give tips to creators for what content they should be making. These types of recommendations could help to really jumpstart your efforts by ensuring your content hits the mark. What for those recommendations in your Studio. Additionally, If you haven’t already, take a look at what can do!
  5. YouTube is also experimenting with tools like Dream Track and Dream Screen to create AI music a different video assets. The bonus of using these tools would be that they are approved and a part of the Googleverse. That could definitely help you avoid any issues in the future.
  6. Lastly, watch for some new insights tools! Knowing how your various audience segments engage with your content is crucial. YouTube is rolling out (in the next couple of weeks) expanded analytics for viewer engagement. Now we’ll be able to see how subscribers vs nonsubscribers interact and what content resonates with a particular demographic. Data is powerful and can help ensure your creating content that will get noticed and engaged with. That only can help your Channel’s reach.

Look for these tools to be gradually rolled out throughout the year! Which of these features are you most looking forward to playing around with?