Having trouble staying on top of all the comments, messages, and questions? Always digging for the right resource, or the correct response to a question? Feel like you just need some help? Read on to learn about the 3 steps of TwoSix Digital’s Community Management Solutions:

Schedule Engagement Times

Once you’ve got instant replies set up, you’ve bought yourself some time to respond. We recommend scheduling into your calendar at least 2 social media check-in’s each weekday and at least 1 check-in each weekend day. An hour after you arrive to work and an hour before you leave would work well.

Schedule Engagement Times for Social Media

Instant Replies & Away Status

If you run social media accounts, you’ve probably found yourself constantly dropping what you’re doing to respond to messages. Turn on instant replies on Facebook to give yourself some time! Here’s a guide on how to turn it on, and, when you do, be sure include a link to your website in your response. It should look something like this:

TwoSix Digital Facebook Instant Replies Example

If you’re aiming to get that 100%, speedy response badge, set your messaging status to “away” between your scheduled response times. Here’s how to set your status!

Community Management Solutions - Very Responsive to Messages

Try to spend at least 5-10 minutes per channel. Responding to questions, engage with comments and conversation, and like some posts during this time.

If you’re getting bombarded all times of the day and need some help, consider scheduling time for other team members to check-in. The next step will detail how you can ensure everyone will have all of the information they need to reply!

The Community Management FAQ

This is where you can really start to streamline your community management. The FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, are the kind of questions you get at least every month, if not more. With Facebook’s Saved Reply feature, you can save your responses and then use them again, quickly.

If you want to use your replies on all platforms, we recommend that you start writing down the FAQs and your responses to them over the course of a few weeks (and continue to update it with each new question you get). We recommend a place that is easily accessible, collaborative, and flexible. Google Docs, Evernote, or Apple’s Notes are great examples.

It’ll sort of be like doing “Mad Libs”, where you can search for the question, copy, and then paste, to quickly personalize the response by filling in the blanks. Make sure you include links to important resources!

It’s crucial that you don’t sound robotic, though, as a friendly, human touch can make all the difference when potential visitors are looking for their next destination. Treat your answers like a template; make slight edits to each one so it doesn’t sound like a canned response.

By following these 3 simple steps, you’ll no longer be weighed down by social media. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on community management or other topic, and subscribe to our newsletter to get more helpful tips!