Get ready to take a fresh look at your LinkedIn content strategy for both your Company Page and personal account. It appears that LinkedIn is now in the short-form video content game. Yup, vertical video. Sigh. Soon you’ll see a new “video” tab on LinkedIn that will transport you into a far too familiar vertical video feed like Reels, Shorts, or TikTok. This new Tik-Tok style format is said to provide a fun, fast-hitting way for us all to level up when it comes to the stories we tell on this network. LinkedIn made the move because video is king and it’s how most users prefer to learn and be influenced. It’s no surprise to hear that we’ll soon be presented with an endless stream of vertical video content to inspire us, inform us, and convert business opportunities for us!

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a place for your more off-the-cuff leisure content. You’re going to need an entirely different vibe. LinkedIn wants to focus on professional development, networking, and education. When thinking about content look to themes that can help enhance the personal brand of your team and organization, showcase your work through inspiring testimonials and storytelling, and other attention-getting topics that can help to position you and your organization as an industry thought leader, while differentiating yourself from the crowd.

Buckle up, folks! LinkedIn could get a whole lot more interesting in the coming months. Do you think you’ll give short-form video on LinkedIn a try once it rolls out to your account? I sure hope so!