5 Questions with our Newest Team Member, Emma Herrle

We are excited to welcome, Emma Herrle, to the TwoSix Team!

Read on to learn more about her.

TwoSix: Welcome to the team, Emma! Tell us a little bit about yourself

Emma: I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from Waynesburg University, just about an hour south of Pittsburgh. While earning my undergraduate degree I worked for a small dmo and there began my career in the tourism industry.  I’ve always had an affinity for travel and new experiences, and love bringing along my camera to document my travels. I do a bit of professional photography on the side, shooting couples, weddings, families, events and any new place I visit.

I also love music, and play a bit just for fun. I love reading, especially those really thick fantasy fiction books that allow you to escape to other worlds. And when in this world, I can often be found hanging out with my little rescue beagle, bob, or finding a great spot for a hike or hammock session.

TwoSix: What past experience do you have in digital marketing?

Emma: I have a lot of client relations and strategic marketing experience, working one on one with clients to build and optimize digital marketing campaigns within the travel and tourism space. I have experience with content creation, Social media marketing, email marketing, paid search ad campaigns, and website management and optimization.

I especially love when I am able to combine creativity with the data-driven side of marketing  and watch as innovative ideas and tactics turn into progress and results.

TwoSix: What is your favorite social media channel for personal use and for professional use?

Emma: Favorite social media channel for personal use is probably Instagram. I love that photos and images are at the center of every piece of content and that allows me to use  my love for photography and editing.

B2b, probably linkedin. B2c, probably facebook since it tends to be most effective and offers some of the best options and tools for paid promotion and community engagement.

TwoSix: TwoSix Digital works exclusively in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. What is the most magnificent place you’ve ever visited?

Emma: I took a two-week trip to Romania in 2019 with a touring choir. Not only was this my first trip overseas, but I loved the experience of visiting a place that isn’t necessarily the most popular tourist destination. The trip offered many candid and cultural experiences, and while visiting, our choir had the opportunity to perform concerts and raise money for caminul felix, a foster community for orphaned and abandoned children.

TwoSix: What is the best piece of digital marketing / social media marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Emma: One of my former employers always inspired me to Never stop learning. Technology and The marketing industry are always evolving, and often hand in hand. keeping up with software updates, emerging platforms, and even digital trends can be exhausting, but there are so many resources to keep yourself educated along the way. Not only is it important to have those resources in your back pocket, but also an open-mindedness to continuous learning.