TwoSix Digital believes that education is the cornerstone to improve the day-to-day performance of your organization’s digital marketing and social media staff members.  In today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, the changes come fast and often.  TwoSix Digital can develop a customized series of coaching and consulting sessions that can help enhance the knowledge and overall sophistication of your organization’s marketing efforts. Whether you need to develop the skills of a new team,  draft up a new digital strategy, or stay current on the latest digital marketing trends — the coaching and consulting program from TwoSix Digital could be just what you need to turn the corner.

TwoSix Digital offers specialized training sessions for digital marketing strategy development, content planning, blog writing & development, and social media strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We can also provide comprehensive sessions in social media advertising, measurement, reporting, and overall content integration best practices.

Each session comes in a one-hour format and is customized to exceed the needs of DMO staff members with customized presentation decks, and thoughtful development based on individual skill levels.

Coaching and consulting hours can be purchased in any size of the package and be grouped into a specific program or conducted on a month-to-month basis.  Hours are billed at an hourly rate.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to ask about our annual consulting programs to ensure you always have access to the TwoSix Digital team when you need it.


  • Social Media Strategies

    We’ll discuss Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube best practices.

  • Social Media Measurement

    We will break down ways social media can be measured and how to leverage the data collected.

  • Content Planning

    We discuss how to decide where, when, and how to distribute and execute upcoming content.

  • Blog-Writing and Development

    Where we discuss the importance of blog writing and how to figure out what to write about.

  • Social Media Content Integration

    Discuss best social media practices and learn how to leverage your social platforms into your marketing efforts.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development

    We educate on developing the perfect digital marketing strategy for your destination.


TwoSix Digital Makes It Simple to Succeed.

The Burnsville Convention and Visitors Bureau (Experience Burnsville) holds a position of travel industry distinction even now in the midst of the COVID-19 upheaval. We have to look both backward and forward as to why this has occurred. A substantial factor is our multi-year relationship with TwoSix Digital. With our goals of establishing and keeping Burnsville top-of-mind awareness we continue to turn to the expertise of TwoSix Digital and their reputation for vast knowledge and implementation strategies within the tourism industry.

The TwoSix Digital social media/digital concepts and applications make them so much more than a vendor. Experience Burnsville has come a long way via the work of TwoSix Digital as an extension of our organization. Many thanks to TwoSix Digital for the partnership and their dedication to attention to detail and creative approach.



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