Automated Email: Optimize Your 2024 Email Marketing Strategy

As the social media landscape continues to grow increasingly oversaturated, your followers are missing out on more of your organic posts. Getting your content in front of your followers is developing into a frustrating and difficult task. Luckily, email marketing is a terrific way to consistently reach your audience! Whether you have an existing email marketing strategy or are starting from ground zero, we suggest implementing automated email series into your 2024 strategy.

What Are Automated Emails?

Automated Email Pre-Built Journeys

Automated emails are a convenient and effective way to improve your email strategy. By using various email automation tools, you can successfully welcome new contacts and create a positive first impression, re-engage uninterested contacts, and create an automated series to communicate important announcements or events. Here are 3 ways to harness the power of email automation in 2024:

Automated Welcome Email Series

Automated Welcome Email Series

Creating an automated welcome email series is the perfect first step for including automation in your 2024 email marketing strategy. The purpose of implementing an automated welcome series is to:

  • Welcome new contacts and confirm a successful sign-up.
  • Create a positive first impression of your destination.
  • Get new subscribers excited by telling them what to expect in your newsletters.
  • Provide new contacts with planning tools to strike while the iron is hot!
  • Convert subscribers into social media followers.
  • Keep new contacts engaged while they wait for the next newsletter.

Automated Re-engagement Campaigns

An automated re-engagement campaign series can be an incredibly useful way to get your unengaged subscribers interested in your upcoming newsletters. This is also a great way to learn more about what your audience likes to see and where you are falling short. You can create one of these campaigns by segmenting out a list of unengaged subscribers and creating a new list to send your automated series to. Here are some best practices and ideas for your automated re-engagement series:

  • Include an intriguing subject line.
  • Personalization can help to get the intention of these engaged subscribers.
  • Include polls to get more information on how to improve your future emails.
  • To keep it short, these contacts are on the verge of unsubscribing- make sure this email series benefits them and lets them know they are important to you.
  • Consider including a discount or incentive to grasp their interest.
  • Include strong calls to action.

Automated Email Announcements

Creating an automated series for important events can be another way to grab your subscribers’ attention. Utilizing these automation tools can increase awareness for upcoming events and give you a very good idea of how many people are interested in the event, discount, or whatever topic it may be! This can be a great way to get more ticket sales, provide necessary event information, give timely updates on event changes, or provide travel updates relevant to current weather conditions.

Implementing email automation into your 2024 strategy can be a great way to improve your relationships with your subscribers, provide new contacts with your best planning tools to get them ready to travel, gain helpful information about what your subscribers are expecting from your e-newsletters, and so much more!

Whether you are brand new to email marketing or are looking to improve your current strategy, these email automation tips can help your email marketing efforts stand out from the crowd in 2024. To learn how to start implementing automated messages, reach out to our team! At TwoSix Digital, we specialize in strategies that analyze your current email efforts, create a fresh strategy to maximize your email marketing, design new email templates that are modern, interactive, and mobile-friendly, and implement automated email series to engage your subscribers! Click the buttons below to learn more about how we can help your destination to maximize your email marketing in 2024.

Makenna Schmitz

Digital & Social Media Director