TwoSix Digital specializes in the development of highly effective e-mail marketing strategies and comprehensive distribution plans for travel and tourism organizations, aimed at maximizing the potential of this proven communication platform. Our dedicated team can assist you in devising a meticulous content plan, crafting compelling message templates, and ensuring the consistent delivery of impactful e-mails to your target audience. Moreover, we provide valuable insights and recommendations to support the longevity and ongoing success of your distribution program.


  • Kick-Off Call with TwoSix Team

    Discuss the current strategy, goals, process and more.

    We will discuss the current strategy, goals, process and more in a kick-off call.

  • Full Re-worked Email Marketing Strategy

    Create new strategy from results

    We’ll take what we learned from the survey results and implement them into a new email marketing strategy.

  • Custom Welcome Email

    Create an automated email to welcome new subscribers

    We will create a custom automated welcome email and sign-up form to greet new subscribers.

  • Seasonal Email Marketing Templates

    Create seasonally-based email templates

    We will create seasonally-based templates for you to use so that you can easily implement the new strategy.

  • Follow-Up Coaching with a TwoSix Team Member

    Have access to coaching by a member of our team

    You’ll have access to a follow-up coaching with a TwoSix team member to help you implement the new strategy.

  • Easy-to-Use Checklist for Future Use

    Receive checklist for future use

    We’ll provide an easy-to-use checklist for you to use as you move forward with your new strategy in mind.


We wanted to find a way to digitally connect with our visitors, but we didn’t have the contact information needed for our visitors and potential visitors. Two Six Digital had the right solution just for us. They helped us generate thousands of contacts by creating a couple of campaigns to gather those contacts. We are now sending quarterly e-newsletters to those who have subscribed. We continue to watch our digital footprint grow. Thank you, Two Six Digital.



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