Have you ever tried using Photoshopping something out of a photo? Usually, it takes a while. A few hours, even.

Those are the old days now.

With Photoshop Beta’s new “Generative Fill” option, you can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to do the hard work for you. It can easily — and I can’t stress this enough — add anything to a photo that you want. Check out how it takes just a few seconds to add a castle in the background of TwoSix Digital team photo. And it looks pretty good.

In terms of digital marketing, honestly, this is a revolution. How many times have you had a wide photo that you need cropped to a different dimension? No problem, it can easily fill in gaps. How about needing a summer shot when the only one you have is of autumn? No problem, ask for trees in summer.

Obviously, it’s only in beta right now. It’s not so good at creating people (to be candid, they turn out kind of horrific), but in terms of backgrounds, it’s great. If you have a Photoshop license, you can download it. I highly recommend trying it out!

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