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Many tourism marketers are throwing in the towel on Twitter, let alone thinking of a Twitter video strategy. We have not given up hope, and still find value in this channel. It’s important to think of ways to craft content specifically for your Twitter audience, as it is probably different from your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest audience. Here are some things to consider when sharing video on Twitter. Let’s get started.

Fact of the Week: 90% of Twitter video views are happening on mobile.

If you share a video on Twitter, it is worth noting that the majority of video on Twitter is viewed on mobile devices. In addition to optimizing your video on Twitter for a mobile audience, think of other ways you can tailor your video to this audience. For example, dive into your Twitter analytics and define the interests of your audience. Use this information to create effective video content for your audience!

Tip of the Week: Watch videos on mobile devices before sharing them on social media.

One way to make sure your video is optimized for mobile is to simply watch it on your mobile device! Sure, that sounds really easy, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, we consistently see marketers designing landing pages and video content for a desktop audience. Since we conduct the majority of our work on computers, we forget to pull out our phones and see how the content resonates on a smaller screen. This is a key part of the process that should not be neglected!

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We have a lot more to say about video on Twitter, and you can read all about it in CrowdRiff’s recent eBook, The Modern Tourism Marketer’s Guide to Video. Check out what Founder & Chief Strategist, Dave Serino, had to say about video on Twitter by checking out pages 11 and 37.

TwoSix Pic of the Week: Visit Fort Wayne

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