TwoSix’s TwoCents on Tourism and Digital Marketing in 2017

TwoSix Digital is committed to keeping the tourism industry up to date on the latest digital marketing trends that can make an impact on your destination. Simple things like landing pages, 10-second videos, hashtags on Instagram, and optimized Pinterest boards can no longer sit on the back burner.

We compiled our best tips, tricks, how-to guides, and studies from 2017 to inspire you to take your marketing to the next level! Keep these links close by in 2018, and commit to making it your best year ever!

6 Best Practices to Make an Awesome Landing Page

Destination marketers spend tons of money creative digital campaigns. However, it should be noted that your campaign is only as strong as your landing page. Here are the top 6 ways to ensure an effective landing page. Read full blog here.

    1. Immediately deliver what you promised
    2. Develop clear CTAs, and display them above the fold
    3. Add trust indicators
    4. Include copy with bullets of quick, useful information
    5. Make sure your page is clearly branded
    6. Connect your channels to your page.

7 Things We Wish the Tourism Industry Knew About Instagram

Whether you post on Instagram every day, or you forget to make time for this channel, these 7 tips can help you step up your game. Instagram is one of the most powerful social media tools for the tourism industry. We have to make it a priority! Read full blog here.

    1. Leverage location tags
    2. Take a decent photos
    3. Utilize UGC without forgetting about original content
    4. Properly use hashtags
    5. Use third party apps (boomerang, hyperlapse, and layout)
    6. Run an Instagram ad
    7. Create content opportunities with Instagram

The Five Rule: How Tourism Can Generate Blog Traffic

We’ve got news for you. Just because you write a blog, doesn’t mean people will read it. Plus, simply posting it on Facebook is not enough. Every blog (and video for that matter) has the opportunity to be shared 5 times, at least! Learn about TwoSix Digital’s 5 Rule, which will transform your blogging efforts. Read the full blog here.

    1. Post your blog to Facebook
    2. Schedule tweets about your blog
    3. Inform your Instagram followers about the new blog
    4. Pin photos from your blog onto Pinterest
    5. Include your blog in your e-newsletter

10 Video Secrets to Success for the Tourism Industry

Sure, you’ve read enough articles and heard tons of keynote speeches about the importance of video. Yet, we constantly see Destination Marketing Organizations making video a low priority. Why is that? We don’t have the answer, but we have solutions! Here’s how you can make the most of your video efforts. Read full blog here.

    1. Inspire consumers to crave more information
    2. Fulfill their demand for information
    3. Unbox your destination
    4. Keep it simple
    5. Try going live!
    6. Add captions to videos
    7. Think long term
    8. Create a strong call to action
    9. Extend the story
    10. Don’t post and bail!

State Tourism Twitter Study Infographic

Check out this infographic to learn how State DMOs perform on Twitter.

Each States’ official tourism Twitter account was analyzed by TwoSix Digital over a 7 day period. Information was gathered regarding Tweets composed within a 3 month period. Every account was evaluated based on a list of best (and worst) practices on Twitter.

Here’s some of the key findings:

  • State DMOs tweet an average of 5.1 times a day
  • 66% of State DMOs promote their official hashtag in their bio (which is sad…)
  • 50% of State DMOs upload videos directly to Twitter
  • 17% of State DMOs autogenerate tweets from other channels (which is also sad…)

10 Underutilized Facebook Features that are Free

As marketers, we rarely hear the words “Facebook” and “free” in the same sentence. However, there are quite a lot of things you can do to optimize your page and posts without spending any cash. Read full blog here.

    1. Add partner events
    2. Create video playlists
    3. Organize photo albums
    4. Utilize embed codes
    5. Label posts with location tags
    6. Leverage organic targeting
    7. Set up your preferred page audience
    8. Edit link descriptions (if you are still able to do this)
    9. Review insights
    10. Have fun with emojis!

5 Ways to Increase Visitor Usage of Your Hashtag

Admit it. You want the most popular hashtag in your area. You desperately want to see visitors and locals sharing their photos, videos, and stories using your branded hashtag! Let’s channel that energy, and implement these simple tactics to boost the usage of your hashtag. You can do it! Read full blog here.

    1. Promote your hashtag in the bio of ALL your social media channels
    2. Feature your hashtag prominently on your website
    3. Use your hashtag on your social media posts (properly)
    4. Promote your hashtag IRL
    5. Ask people to use your hashtag

4 Ways Destination Marketing Organizations Can Generate Blog Ideas

Say goodbye to the days of staring blankly at the wall, hoping for a brilliant blog idea to fall into your lap! Instead, leverage data to make informed decisions about blog topics that are sure to succeed! All the information is at your fingertips, and this blog will tell you how to get to it. Read full blog here.

  1. Utilize Google Analytics
  2. Research with keyword tools
  3. Consult TripAdvisor
  4. Review top content on social media

State Tourism Instagram Study Infographic

We conducted another study on State DMO’s, but this time we analyzed their Instagram accounts. All of the information is compiled in this infographic, but here are some of the highlights:

    • The average number of followers on State DMO Instagram accounts is 66,994 followers
    • The average number of official State DMO hashtag usage is 247,840 photos and videos
    • Find out which State DMO has the most popular hashtag (by a landslide)
    • 20% of State DMOs share Instagram Stories weekly
    • 54% of State DMOs share videos on Instagram

Travel Q & A with Pinterest

We interviewed Logan Nelson from Pinterest. We asked him a few questions about the travel industry including:

  • How does Pinterest compare to other social media channels, specifically for the travel industry?
  • What makes Pinterest such a great channel for travel brands?
  • Destination Marketing Organizations tend to focus more on inspiration than conversion. How do you think Pinterest can make a positive impact on inspiration?

Read what he had to say about these questions and more. Read the full blog here.

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