TwoSix Digital Describes Social Media in 280 Characters or Less

We asked each member of our team to come up with their own definition of social media. Not only that, we asked that they do it in 280 characters or less! Here’s what we had to say.

Dave Serino, Founder & Chief Strategist 

Social media is about communicating & sharing snippets of information that range from your personal ideas to your most recent experiences with friends, family & colleagues.  It’s the most efficient & exciting method to connect with others throughout the world today!  

Brian Matson, Senior Director of Strategy & Education

Stop calling it social media. It’s the most powerful marketing tool the world has ever seen! I prefer to use the term “digital marketing channel” as it best showcases its power and influence in putting heads in beds in destinations around the world. 

Marissa Conniff, Senior Content Marketing Strategist

As marketers, we get caught up in tracking likes, comments, and shares. Ultimately to me, social media is a way to connect and learn from other people in the digital world. It’s where I discover new people, places, music…and is also how I make a living!

Amber O’Brien, Digital Advertising Specialist 

Social media allows me to reach an audience that I might not be able to interact with. It’s a way for me to stay in contact with the people and things I enjoy! I use social media every day, in my professional and personal life. I love discovering new places, people, and things!

Megan Schroder, Director of Special Projects 

Social media at its core is a communication tool.  It is one that allows us to communicate thoughts & ideas as well as market products, services & destinations! It gives us the power as marketers to communicate our ideas effectively and creatively!

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