TwoSix Moments: 6 Reasons to Learn to Love Twitter Again

The social media world is changing all of the time and recently it seems like Instagram has primarily been in the spotlight when it comes to snazzy, new features. However, we are here to remind you about another social platform that deserves some love– Twitter! Though it does not have ritzy, visible, new updates, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that have made it into a very integral tool for social media marketing. Here are 6 reasons why we think you should start to learn to love Twitter again.

#1 – Updates to the Platform

Twitter has been receiving a lot of heat recently specifically due to misuse of the platform. With a few new updates on tackling this issue, they are now requiring confirmation of an email address and phone number before signing up for an account, which will hopefully help stop spam or abuse on the platform. All of these updates are primarily focused on improving the interactions that users have and eliminating misuse of the platform.

For a more detailed outline of the platform’s efforts to eliminate trolls & bots, check out this article from Social Media Today.

#2 – It is encouraging engagement

Twitter is all about conversation. Recently they introduced a new algorithm that highlights the tweets that users are most likely to be interested in at the top of their news feed. Along with this, they have put a lot more focus on the notifications that they are sending, making sure that they’re sending notifications with relevant conversations based on the specific user. All of these features are encouraging people to engage in the conversations that are happening based on topics that they are interested in.

Not only that, but their explore tab has also been altered to fit your particular interests, yet another way to push for more engagement.

#3 – 280 character limit

Twitter is becoming a very simple platform to use, especially with the upgrade to the 280 character limit. (An update that sparked attention from social media marketers everywhere!) While there may be people that see this as negative, as marketers, the 280 character limit allows us to be more communicative with our messages. Even if this just means we are taking advantage of more ad space, integrating hashtags or being more detailed about what we are trying to communicate. The possibilities are endless — as long as they are 280 characters or less! 

See how Social Media Today lays out the Pros and Cons of the 280 character limit by reading this article.

#4 – Advanced Search Options

Twitter’s advanced search option allows you to navigate the goldmine of Twitter and seek out conversations, users, and topics that are relevant to your field. The platform has the ability to help you find great blog posts, monitor mentions, search for keywords, and even find tweets in your area. It also allows you to save your searches, find your interactions with other Twitter accounts and can recommend other accounts to follow. All of which, allows you to become a more powerful social media marketer.

Check out this blog from Social Media Today for 10 Powerful Twitter Advanced Search Features.

#5- Easy-to-Use Analytics

If you aren’t taking advantage of Twitter analytics yet, this is a great opportunity to get started! The tool allows you to analyze data and measure your destination’s performance over any period of time. It helps you learn more about your audience, gives you a good idea of when the best posting times, and can also help show you whether or not your ads are working (if you’re running them). The tool is sure to help you keep track of the reach, engagement, and following of your profile!

#6 – Targeted Marketing

Because of the new, easy-to-use Twitter analytics, there now is a lot more room for a targeted marketing strategy. You now have the ability to look at where your followers are located, details on their demographics and their interests. You even can track the lifestyle and consumer behavior of your followers.  With this information, you have the ability to build your marketing strategy around your audience for more targeted marketing.

For more information on demographics that matter to your brand, check out this blog from Hootsuite.

Twitter has a lot of features that allow marketers to be creative and strategic about their communication, whether it’s through the use of analytics to implement a more targeted marketing strategy or taking full advantage of the 280 character limit, you’re sure to get back to loving it in no time.

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