3 Ways to Make Your Company LinkedIn Profile Stronger

Updated: September 30, 2021

LinkedIn “The world’s largest professional network” is one of the largest social media platforms online today. With over 675 million users, there is a great opportunity to get your company to be seen. Given it’s more professional and formal nature, it can be a struggle to figure out how to market your company effectively on the platform. Here are our tips for building a good company LinkedIn profile.

1. Set a Professional Profile Photo

When it comes to any social media network having strong creative assets is extremely important. The absolute most important thing for the profile image is that your company logo is visible and not cut off by the frame of the profile image window! Your profile’s banner image is equally as important, and the banner can be a good place to make a visual statement about your company.  The ideal banner is relevant to what your company does, and is eye-catching. Choose something that will draw in clicks to your companies’ profile.

2. Write Your Tagline & About Summary Section.

The next step is to write a headline that will stick out and add a summary in the ‘About’ section that accurately describes your company. Your Tagline will automatically fill out as the industry of your company. You can customize your tagline to reflect your companies’ mission or personality better.