How to Create Your Reemerging Website Landing Page

It’s time for promotional organizations to start welcoming travelers to back to their destinations as many states and cities begin to open their doors following the COVID-19 closures. Now is the time to start thinking of your reemerging website landing page.

As the spread of the virus continues to decline, there’s still some uncertainty and concerns with travelers. There are unknowns about how destinations – its attractions, restaurants and retail outlets – will be opening safely and properly preparing for those arriving this summer. Questions remain on what has changed within the destination, what is actually open, and at what are the capacity of these operations as each county and city have their own set of orders and restrictions.

Here is How to Create Your Reemerging Landing Page and what it should contain.

1.) Safety Precautions

What is your travel destination doing to protect visitors and ensure their safety? The last few months have been dedicated on slowing the spread of the virus and keeping our society healthy.  You must clarify what you’re doing to keep your destination clean and safe. Traverse City has created a map of hand washing stations located throughout their downtown area to allow visitors the opportunity to practice the best personal hygiene possible.

2.) What’s Open

Be sure to have an active list of what is open or opening such as hotels, retail outlets, attractions and restaurants, etc. to use as a helpful resource. Since all states, counties and cities are opening at different rates and capacities, it would be helpful to state how each business is operating.  This includes items such as capacity restrictions, safety requirements, and cleaning procedures.

3.) Pace of Opening

Places such as Indiana have published specific sets of opening dates. For example, restaurant capacities are increasing every few weeks.  If your destination has resources that will allow travelers to know when exactly things are opening, when capacities are expanding, and/or future dates of restrictions are being lifted, it would be a great benefit to include this.

4.) Promote Outdoor Activities

With welcoming the warmer weather in most destinations, one item that we can count on being able to participate in, is outdoor activities.  Parks and recreation areas are ideal for social distancing and most are first to open.

Some examples of adventure outdoor activities include:

I. Open Trails (For biking, hiking, walking, etc.)
ii. Open Beaches/Water (for Water Sports like kayaking, canoeing)
iii. Golf Courses
iv. Parks
v. Recreational Sports (soft outdoor adventure)

5.) Where to Integrate Into Site

This landing page should be easily accessible and the first thing tourists see upon visiting your site. Utilize prime real estate on your home page along with website banners to promote the page.  Make it easy to find with bold links and eye-catching colors so consumers can quickly spot it.

Your reemerging landing page should also be strategically linked and promoted within listing, article or blog pages about the perfect places to hike, the best beaches, or the secret spots to find the best views of a sunset. And, if those blogs haven’t been written yet, now’s the time!

Now that you have created your reemerging website landing page – the question now is how do you disperse it? Stay tuned next week for our How to Disperse your Reemerging Landing Page blog. We have been keeping an eye out for places opening and how to plant on the reopening. So here is what’s on our radar to watch out for in June 2020.

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