We’ve all heard the negative effects that social media can have on individuals but how about some positive effects? Pinterest just conducted a small experiment to show that their platform is built to facilitate more positive and beneficial experiences. Pinterest says that daily interaction with inspiring content has lowered stress levels and prevented burnout. So, for their study they took two groups of students, one group used Pinterest for 10 minutes a day and the other solved online jigsaw puzzles for the same amount of time for two weeks as they were nearing their final exams. The researchers found that students who spent 10 minutes a day looking at inspiring content on Pinterest had reduced stress levels and had increased positive daily emotions. It’s an interesting study and is an example of how Pinterest aligns its algorithm around more healthy interactions by prioritizing what people save to show them the content that is the most relevant to them. By doing this, they don’t distract you with intrusive off the wall content and instead help with what you’re interested in such as step by step guides, inspirational messaging and so on. This has led Pinterest to create more meaningful and positive experiences compared to other platforms. As businesses look at this, we can be encouraged that our content is being seen by the right people. It also puts additional value on creating inspirational and positive content which is not hard to do when you’re promoting a beautiful destination. A study like this is refreshing to see, that social media can be a positive experience and in turn advertisers can see positive results from the consumers they want to reach the most.