TikTok is a terrific platform to reach large audiences quickly with ads. Comparable to other social networks, TikTok offers cheaper and higher click-through rates. Additionally, brand recognition from TikTok can greatly increase your brand’s Facebook and Google ad conversions.

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Similar to all other social platforms, there are many factors that play into making an ad effective on TikTok. For example, TikTok is not the platform for you to run long-term ads that you can set and forget. Alternatively, TikTok ads are unique for their “short shelf life”. TikTok ad content has a two-week shelf life. Even if your advertisement is really effective, the TikTok algorithm will gradually degrade it. Eventually, your cost per metric will increase, and your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) will decrease.

So, how should you maximize your TikTok ad’s short lifespan? The “golden rule” of TikTok ads will always be to avoid making them look or feel like an ad. The platform is all about fast-paced entertaining, informative, and authentic content, which means your ad needs to align with those principles to be successful.

Here are some simple tips for how to make your TikTok ads successful:

  • Keep it short – the quicker you can capture the viewers’ attention, the better
  • Don’t be too “professional” – Although a quality camera and lighting setup can do wonders, producing flawless, footage is not required for ads on TikTok. Instead, concentrate on appearing genuine.
  • Be authentic – Ads with a corporate feel are poorly received by TikTok users. Use your advertisement for storytelling, eliciting emotion, or participating in a trend rather than trying to hard sell them.
  • Effective branding – Keep your brand mentions brief and straightforward. Give your items titles that are short and memorable. In TikTok videos, you can display your logo, but avoid making it the main focus of your ad.

By following these simple steps, you can use the TikTok algorithm to your advantage and make the most out of your TikTok ads!

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