Trending at TwoSix: Twitter Tricks

We love Twitter. TwoSix Digital has a Twitter account, as do each of our team members (Dave, Brian, Grant, and Marissa)! Keep reading to learn some Twitter tricks of the trade that you can apply to your strategy today. Let’s get started.

Tip of the Week: Tweet at least three times a day.

We see a lot of Twitter accounts with sporadic activity. However, the key to success on Twitter is consistency, consistency, consistency.

Creating evergreen content will help increase your Twitter frequency. Let’s say you write a blog called “10 Beautiful Photos of Summer in Our City”. Here’s examples of creating multiple Tweets out of this piece of content:

  • June 10: New blog! Check out 10 Beautiful Photos of Summer in Our City. {link}
  • August 10: Summer is almost over! Soak it up by checking out 10 beautiful summer pics in our city! {link}
  • December 10: Got a case of the winter blues? Check out these photos of summer in the city to brighten your day! {link}
  • May 10: Summer is almost here! Get ready by looking at these warm summer photos in our city. {link}

If three Tweets a day still seems like an impossible feat, consider signing up for TwoSix Digital’s Tactical Content Planning Program.

Fact of the Week: Tears of joy is the most Tweeted emoji.

Emojis are an easy way to increase the human tone of your voice on social media. Apparently this emoji is the most popular —> ?. Try sprinkling some emojis into your Twitter strategy to see how it impacts your engagement!

Noteworthy Article: How to Create a Twitter Moment

It’s easy to go all out on Twitter when you have a major event in your destination. You want to re-tweet and share every possible piece of content. Next time your destination is celebrating something major such as a beer festival, county fair, or auto show – considering highlighting it with Twitter Moments.

Initially Twitter Moments could only be created by Twitter and its editorial partners. Now, anyone with a Twitter account can make them! This could be a very valuable piece of content to potential visitors.

Check out the article to learn more about how and why using Twitter Moments is a home run!

TwoSix Client Pic of the Week:

Check out this action-driven photo by Indiana Dunes Tourism! Capturing movement makes for an engaging post. How can you apply this idea to your next Instagram post?

With all this talk about Twitter, it’s about time for you to follow us. Don’t you think?